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Monday, December 27, 2010

Business Consultancy Overview

Be successful with your Business.
Use our range of services built up over more than 35 years. Whether you are looking to:
  • gain new selling skills
  • market your business successfully
  • need a health and safety review, inspection
  • have a disability access audit
Do listen to this short podcast
MikeLeahypromo1 by MikeLeahy

Braille and other media for visually impaired people

Hi Guys

Have you seen those pages with massed of little bumps? Braille was devised in 1821 by Louise Braille, a blind Frenchman. Each Braille character, or cell, is made up of six dot positions, arranged in a rectangle containing two columns of three dots each. A dot may be raised at any of the six positions to form sixty-four possible subsets, including the arrangement in which no dots are raised. For reference purposes, a particular permutation may be described by naming the positions where dots are raised, the positions being universally numbered 1 to 3, from top to bottom, on the left, and 4 to 6, from top to bottom, on the right. For example, dots 1-3-4 would describe a cell with three dots raised, at the top and bottom in the left column and on top of the right column, i.e., the letter m. The lines of horizontal Braille text are separated by a space, much like visible printed text, so that the dots of one line can be differentiated from the Braille text above and below. Punctuation is represented by its own unique set of characters.
Almost two million people are suffering from sight loss to one degree or another. That's about 1:30. And the majority have gradual sight deterioration through Age-Related Macular Degeneration. But there are many guiding aids now around to help. Braille is just one of these. Unfortunately there are only about 100,000 people who can read Braille and fewer who write it.
The Access Audit Company have carried out street audits and feel not enough has been done. Possibly through lack of understanding. It certainly isn't due to financial restraints because most aids are low or no-cost, just a bit of clever thinking.
There is some help out on the street including at traffic lights. Put your fingers under the control box and when the lights show red you'll feel a revolving bar,. This is particularly useful for people who can neither see or hear.
You'll notice that it is customary for street furniture, that is signs, lamp-posts, other signs, waste bijns and so on to be close to the kerb or buildings so that there is a clear pathway down pavements. It is now usual now for tables and chairs put out by cafes etc to be cordoned off, usually with cloth or metal panels. Just a bar or rope between bollards is insufficient and in fact I know of a local cafe that has just added the panels as a blind person stumbled over the rope they had in place. With the smoking ban in pl;ace most places now have an outside area so there are more pavement tables and chairs. Unfairly, I think, some councils introduced a ban on tables and chairs to make a clearway for visually impiared people: then they introduced a charge to cafes for putting chairs and tabes back out. Some people might suggest this is a cash-cow!!
There are also tactile slabs with dimples that denote a  crosingg place, such as flush kerbs for wheelchairs and buggies, traffic lights and zebra crossings. Take a look when you are ouit and you'll notice some are light coloured and some dark. The darker ones show safe crossing places.
Interestingly there have been local navigation systems around for some years now and these are improving year on year. Local systems usually work with a hand-help unit that receives from transmitters attached to street lamps and signs. They tell the informer about shops they are passing, road crossings and points of interest. The latest run of satnav technology. And of course these are getting more accurate all the time, now with some down to just a couple of metres.
Shop signs are also often recognizable by shape or colour by us all. This is particularly useful to partially sighted people. Think about  pharmacies with the green cross, the post office symbol which is so easy to recognise.
This still doesn't help many people who have a severe sight loss and I noticed a guy with a white stick standing on the edge of the pavement the other day whilst several people just passed by!! It takes but a couple of seconds to stop and help. I'm sure you do so keep on. When you do don't grab the person by the arm and pull them along, just offer an arm they can hang onto and guide them, talking about any obstacles or problems ahead. Try it and you'll feel good afterwards too. Remember we all need help sometimes in our lives and it's often the small things like taking an extra 30 seconds to help someone cross a busy road or direct to a shop.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Snow in Sketty

We thought the snow and ice would never end. Small hills that would have us cruising up were sheets of compacted snow frozen to ice. Pavements became danger zones.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There are approximately 10 million disabled people in Great Britain covered by the Disability Discrimination Act: about 18 percent of the population. There are over 6.9 million disabled people are of working age which represents 19 percent of the working population. Only 50 percent of disabled people of working age are in employment compared to 81 percent of non-disabled people of working age. 76% of disabled people with a higher education qualification are in employment compared with 90% of non-disabled people. Of those with no qualification, 23% of disabled people are in employment compared with 60% of non-disabled people. Disabled people are almost twice as likely as non-disabled people to have no qualification at all. Disabled people are more than twice as likely as non-disabled people to be out of work and claiming benefits. Of the 2.4 million disabled people on state benefits and not in work nearly a million would like to work. The incidence of disability increases with age. Whilst 9 per cent of adults aged 16-24 are disabled, this increases to about 33 per cent in the 50 to retirement age category. In 2004 40% of the English population are over 45, the age at which the incidence of disability begins to increase.

 And here is the rub.
One in every three people either has a disability or has a close relative or friend who is disabled. Office of National Statistics, Census 2001 The estimated annual purchasing power of people with disabilities is £80 billion. Family Resource Survey 2002/2003
That means that the chances are that either you or a friend is disabled, so it's very close to all of us. AND if you have a business then there is around £80billion worth of purchasing that you might be missing out on.
And if they aren't good enough reasons then you have a legal responsibility. So what is holding businesses back from making access better? It seems that many businesses think the work would be too expensive. Others think that it doesn't matter. What do you think?
I believe that you can improve access for most businesses and properties

Visually impaired people often just need a guiding arm

Just back from a trip to Liverpool to carry out a disability access audit for a company before they sign the lease on their office.
While travelling I sat next to a lady who was blind and we had a most interesting discussion. Well, actually she answered some questions I had in the back of my mind.
Most people just associate disability with wheelchair users: they forget those who can't hear or see to well, have learning difficulties, arthritis, are very short or tall, have no feelings through nerve loss or the many other impairments.
Some disabilities are not obvious and some that you think will be, aren't There are also different levels of disability. For example most people who are registered blind can actually see to some degree. They may just be able to see shapes and colours: might only be able to read at a few inches away from their face. I remember a friend who had a guide dog but could read at very close quarters. When she read the paper on the train she'd get comments - so she stopped reading in public. But on one occasion I recall her almost falling over on the beach when she just couldn't see a large piece of driftwood.
My co-traveller told me how difficult it was recognising steps and stairs. and that she'd fallen down a couple of times.There are special slabs that are used to tell blind people when they are approaching steps and stairs. These are called tactile slabs and the one for steps has a corduroy pattern. These are often used in the wrong place which could lead toreal problems. Only last week I saw the corduroy slabs running along a railway platform. This could be mistaken for a step with dire consequences.

Happy Christmas but do we really want a white one now?

And so we run up to Christmas. The snow and ice has certainly had an effect.
Difficult to get out to the shops so will there be a last minute rush with panic buying? Will the snow stop us in our tracks?
Buying on-line has been attractive for many but the goods aren't getting through as fast as they should be and I understand that some online retailers have stopped accepting orders for Xmas. So that's going to have an impact on the high street.
Another factor, of course, is the recession. Some are forecasting a record breaking Xmas because many people can't see the point of saving with the low interest rate. Sales are started even earlier this year, some began a week ago or more, whilst others start  tomorrow or Thursday. So if there is a record-breaking sales will they be profitable? It's no good thinking turnover if the profit has gone. 
Profit pays wages, rent and business tax, new stock and all those other business expenses. Without adequate profits how will some retailers manage? Banks continue, day on day to damage businesses by reducing overdraft facilities yet seem to get away with So let's hope there won't be major losses on the face of the High Street after Xmas.
I noticed many shops closed on Saturday, Sunday and yesterday. These have been mainly smaller shops who may only have a limited number of staff. So it can be impossible to travel. But banks closed too? Surely these guys are earning enough from us all to be able to keep branches open. Sadly not. In fact I know one of the local banks to me where the staff are truly stretch - I guess in the name of profit.
And trains, airports and major roads seem to have ground to a halt. Rail passengers waiting over 5 hours for Eurostar to travel to France and I guess those coming back too. Heathrow just closed with no movement at all. And no communication either, so passengers don't even know what's happening. Living in a world of fast moving technology and the most advanced personal communications systems such as I-Phone it doesn't make sense that airports can give passengers good information
So lets have a really good Christmas and forget our worries and troubles. And let's try and make 2011 a great year.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Loyalty Cards

Customer Loyalty is ranked as the foremost issue faced by business owners. There is usually no loyalty in today's market. Many customers move away because they see a cheaper price, are enticed with a special offer or forget about you and the busineess they have placed with you previously.
And who are the best people to make into future customers? Why! Existing customers of course. They have already bought from you so they know the quality of the service you give and the products. They need less persuading than people who haven't bought from you before.
So what can you do to encourage them to come back time and time again? How about a loyalty scheme that would reward them every time they bought.
Want to know more? Click here.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Here's what they said

                                                                                                                                                                         I thought you might like to see this short video. These business people came on courses I have run and here's what they said.

If you feel you could benefit from a little help in getting more sales then call me. You will be pleased you did.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

December here in a week

What are you doing to prepare your campaign to bring in sales during January and February,historically the lowest sales months of the year?
And this year the hike in VAT plus British Gas gas and electricity up by 7% and other increases it's going to leave many householders looking to cut back dramatically. This will have an adverse effect on practically every type of business.
So now is the time to sit down, brainstorm and come up with some simple practical ideas that wioll give you the edge over your competitors.
New Year resolutions usually kick in on New Years Day and kickout before mid March. So why don't you start now. It's often really just a question of  of changing your habits.
So . . . 
Don't spend hours writing Business Plans and Marketing Plans. 
Write down on an A4 Sheet your BIG GOALS - just bullet points.
Then write down the small stages you need to take to reach those goals. Those small steps are solutions. Think about it.
By tackling say 4-5 small; goals each week you will reach your Big Goals.


Have an Access Audit carried out and bring customers in

"There is so much to do here to make the building accessible that we can't afford it!"  "We are on rhe first floor so we can't get disabled people in here"
Both these statements are wrong. Both are said be people who are either mis-guided or don't want the trouble that they imagine disabled people would be. And when you speak about disabled people most think of just wheelchair users.Wheelchair users make up a tiny number. Many have impairments you wouldn't even know about. Look around you now. How many people can you see who have a heart condition, bad ashma, can't walk far or up steps, have poor eyesight or can't hear very well. The list goes on. A bit like an iceberg. We only see the tip.
So you should be thinking about an access audit if you haven't done so already. It's not too late.
Up til now most cases that have been brought against businesses in relation to disability discrimination have been settled out of court and so you don't know about them but it is happening. I think that this is going to change. On the whole disabled people have been patient and understanding. Well! In many cases they don't know their rights and often they don't feel they can make a difference.
An access audit is completed with a report laying out the steps you need to take to make your business accessible to all. Many are written by surveyors and architects and give exact specifications and are couched in technical terms. This is great if being read by some-one with the knowledge. But often the facilities manager or person responsible doesn't undestand and just passes the list onto a builder. When the work is complete they have to rely on the builder that the work is technically correct.
Mike Leahy writes script reports in layman's language that are easily understood and include the reason for the adjustment too. He takes a pragmatic apprioach and often knows of a quick fix or low cost adjustment. He'll also grade recommendations so you can deal with the priorities first and perhaps leave the "best practice" items til last.
If you haven't assessed what is necessary or taken any action do so now. It will ensure you comply with the legisltaion but equally important will broaden your customer base.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Are you losing business from over10 million potential customers?

Do you run a business? If so do you know about the Disability Discrimination Act 1995? Have you taken steps to ensure that disabled people can buy your products and services as easily as non-disabled people can?   Every disabled person and their families may be unable to buy from you because you haven't made provision for them.

There are over 10 million disabled people in the UK and each of them is a potential customer for you. Add to that their families and the number of potential customers is huge. 

The number of suppliers I have met recently who think that  having a website will allow disabled people to buy from them and that's all they need to do.  WRONG! You can't have a meal over the internet. Many people won't buy clothes over the internet because they want to try clothes on.

Think about the customer service you offer. Do you find actually talking to possible customers encourages them to buy from you? Do you train your staff to sell? Isn't it all about making a  connection with people and helping them make a buying decision? Yes! Of course it is. Yes I know that Argos sell from a catalogue so you can't feel and touch the products but you can take them back over a very generous returns guarantee. But isn't it true that they have cultivated this as a way of saving money. You assume that the prices are competitive . . .  but if you compare you'll possible find really competitive prices elswhere

1. There are over 6.9 million disabled people of working age which represents 19% of the working population.[1]
   2. There are over 10 million disabled people in Britain, of whom 5 million are over state pension age.[2]
   3. There are two million people with sight problems in the UK.[3]

Families with disabled children

   1. There are 770,00 disabled children under the age of 16 in the UK. That equates to 1 child in 20.[4]
   2. Only 8% of families get services from their local social services.[5]
   3. It costs up to three times as much to raise a disabled child as it does to raise a child without disabilities.[6]

Disability and employment

   1. There are currently 1.3 million disabled people in the UK who are available for and want to work.[7]
   2. Only half of disabled people of working age are in work (50%), compared with 80% of non disabled people.[8]
   3. 23% of disabled people have no qualifications compared to 9% of non disabled people.[9]
   4. Nearly one in five people of working age (7 million, or 18.6%) in Great Britain have a disability.[10]

The ageing population

   1. Over the last 25 years the percentage of the population aged 65 and over increased from 15 per cent in 1983 to 16 per cent in 2008, an increase of 1.5 million people in this age group. Over the same period, the percentage of the population aged 16 and under decreased from 21 per cent to 19 per cent. This trend is projected to continue. By 2033, 23 per cent of the population will be aged 65 and over compared to 18 per cent aged 16 or younger.[11]
   2. The fastest population increase has been in the number of those aged 85 and over, the ’oldest old‘. In 1983, there were just over 600,000 people in the UK aged 85 and over. Since then the numbers have more than doubled reaching 1.3 million in 2008. By 2033 the number of people aged 85 and over is projected to more than double again to reach 3.2 million, and to account for 5 per cent of the total population.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Christmas Campaigns are getting earlier each year

Many years ago one of my daughters went to Australia at the beginning of October so we had an early Chrismas. We decked the house, even putting up a Xmas tree with lights. We had lights at the windows and outside. Was she surprised when she arrived for what she thought would just be a going-away meal. We had a great family occasion. Next day we drove her to the airport. On our return we took everything down.

Our neighbours, however, were also busy and that evening as dusk dropped we found they'd put up their Chrisrmas decorations!1 I guess we had just taken them unawares. It's impossible to know what went through their minds when they saw we'd taken everything down again!!

Have you ever had a similar experience?

But now is time to get cracking if you haven't already done so. With Christmas just a few short weeks away people are beginning tio think about gifts and presents. And of course with many looking to tighten their belts spending could go either way. It could be austere or there could be a build-up as people might think "Lets have a good one this  year and it's going to be harder next" 

Do you like the Xmas photo of the hand and bauble? I've found a great website with thousands of images you can use free so long as you include a bye-line or link. Go to This photo is by Salvatore Vuono. These images will brighten up any text.

Want more ideas? You can have a free Hidden Marketing Asset Review. Click here

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The White House opens its doors.

 Mike Jones of The White House in Swansea attended my Seminar on Tuesday and today he kindly send a few words as follows.

"I didn't learn anything new on Mike's seminar but I was reminded of so many ideas that I'd forgotten. It was a great wake-up call and I'll certainly be taking action starting today. I thought the toolkit book was a great idea and the call to action list good to get those brilliant momentarily ideas on paper I recommend Mike's courses for any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level."

Mike very kndly provided a large flask/jug  of coffee for our seminar. And of course creams, milk and sugar. Thanks Mike.

And talking about referrals I looked up Mike's website and see that he gets almost daily testimonials. And are they good! Here are some from the last few dys. I know it's good because I've had friends stay there. I've just recommended them for a Xmas party for a group of 12-14 and Mike has come up with a really good price. Nice to have a party where you can meet in the intimate lounge for drinks, adjourn to the dining room for the meal then back to the lounge for a few more drinks. Almost like home from home without the work.

 Go to that link and take a look  Click here

Review posted by - Brian Tainsh , Langbank, Renfrewshire - 20/10/2010

Very nice single room with corner windows. Nothing was too much trouble for Proprietor Mike - as I had to leave early each morning he supplied a packed breakfast for me. Would return to the White House, and recommend it.
Review posted by - Sue B , Reading - 18/10/2010

Room was good, free wifi was great. The food was very good - there was a wide range of interesting dishes to choose from for dinner. Breakfast was great too. Parking just outside on the road was much closer and more convenient than in a large hotel chain.
Review posted by - Rob Pearce , United Kingdom - 18/10/2010

Very clean and smart accomadation!!!! Will return in future
Review posted by - Bronte & Meredith , Australia - 18/10/2010

Many thanks to Mike and his team for making our two stays so enjoyable. The hospitality was sensational. Minor problems with the TV and the noise were overcome by the service and friendliness of all involved.
Best wishes to everyone at The White House for Xmas 2010!
Review posted by - John Smith , Haverfordwest - 15/10/2010

Superb accommodation, extremely clean and well equipped.
Hospitality first class and always on hand.
Extensive Menu, Comfortable Bed, Free Wi-FI.
This accommodation I would class and 5 Stars.
Mike puts a lot of effort and time into making this the best place to stay in Swansea without a doubt !!!.
Review posted by - Sian Jones , Denbigh - 12/10/2010

Had a lovely stay! Room very clean and comfortable and breakfast was delightful! Will be back.

Testimonials are the killer sales closer. Use them with gusto. If you use a sight seller then include some full letters (photocopied in colour) and if you send out quotes send some in the pack. On your website, and advertising, and in blogs. They are a winner.

To book the seminar on 9th or 11th November click here

Good Business.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Seminar took place this morning. Feedback here.

Today I ran the promised first small seminar for six business owners. It lasted about 80 minutes and was really interactive. The feed-back I've had has been good and  I've included an e-mail I received from Richard Smith of RClean Window Cleaning Services who attended, and whom I have worked with during the last 12 months. We have decided to follow up with another meeting to continue with the seminar as there is still a cave full of information to give out and discuss.

We actually covered just 4 pages of the 36 page manual I have written and used over the last few years. It is a comprehensive course that covers most aspects of business apart from most finacial aspects.

Richard wrote "Well mike it was another good meeting and I always take home with me a little more knowledge each time. I can't wait until the 16th to continue the group talk.
I must give my testiment to a marvelous marketing and business advisor, Mike leahy. Yes you did read that correct it's Mike leahy. His practical advice will improve any business. A business that wants to gain more business will always thrive by investing time with Mike Leahy.

My faith in Mike started after my business Rclean which offers window cleaning and pressure washing services in South Wales started to lose business because of the recession, and me being rather ill with undiagnosed sleep aponea which is now treated thankfully.  

Mike's marketing advice gave me a much better understanding of what I was doing wrong and how I needed to put in place my attention on doing the right things to gain business.
I have made big improvements and certainly learnt how to gain work business through Mike Leahy.

Thank you Mike

If you wish to call me I am always happy to have a chat about how Mike has helped me personally. signed  Richard  on 07883029588."

To visit Richard's website click here.

There is another seminar tomorrow. And I'm really looking forward to 9.15 when we start. If you are interested then drop me an e-mail at I'll consider running another series shortly. It is updated to include more about Social Media as this is now an integral part of any business. Socal Media is moving at neck-break speed and you really need to know about the basics.

Perhaps you feel travelling to Swansea is not practical. I'm now looking at producing a cd that'll include Podcasts, Pdfs and Powerpoint Presentations together with phone 1-2-1 calls. Interested? Express your interest now and I'll keep you updated. Just send an e-mail to or write a comment below.


Friday, October 22, 2010

When It's gone, it's gone!!

Sold out with 24 hours!! 
Attendees include two who have been to previous seminars of mine and so know how good they are. One said "It was nearly 2 years ago and I need to have a refresher and be motivated.
So now it's upwards and onwards.
We are going to cover a huge amount of tips and tricks that'll get any business up off the blocks and running. It is going to be a really exciting 90 minutes on topics that I'm really experienced with.
The biggest hurdles for many businesess are creating ideas that bring in more profit without having to spend huge amounts and taking big gambles.
I'll be reporting back after both have run. And if they are as successful as last time I'll consider putting on some more.
Meanwhile I was talking to Gareth Davies of Custom Print Works! who was telling me he goes out foot canvassing and gets new customers every day. Having been an advocate of cold calling since the sixties I was pleased to hear his take on this. "Nobody else is doing it. It's much better than calling by phone for many reasons and it's good for my health and pocket. I get plenty of exercise and make good money for the business." 
It is another way of  finding customers and I'll be covering this at in a future posting.Gareth, who is a very experienced salesman will be joining us as a delegate at the Thursday seminar next week. He follows the same thoughts as me. No matter how experienced you are, you'll always learn or remember something to try out.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Not What You Know. Or is it!

There are just two places left for the FREE seminars on Tuesday and Thursday next week. They may have gone by the time you read this.

Interestingly at the Mid and West Wales Chamber networking breakfast this morning that I attended 4 people signed up to attend beccause of postive comments by past attendees plus two who have attended previous meetings are coming back for more.

I was very pleased to receive this testimonial earlier today. An e-mail out of the blue. I've been working with the Lance and Paul of the Uplands Diner in Swansea for the last few months and there have been dramatic socila media and off-line marketing plus other changes and a completed make-over. They are now servibg more breakfasts than ever before and have broken all records during October.

They kindly wrote and said:

The old saying goes "It's not what you know, it's WHO you know". This saying is very appropriate to Mike Leahy. If you needed to find the answer to something and he didn't know it-(first of all, that would probably be unlikely), secondly, he would probably know somebody who WOULD know the answer. He is like the human version of Wikipedia. Since he began assisting the team at the Uplands Diner, he has brought a vast array of experience and knowledge which he has personally learned over the decades. Secondly, he has met a lot of like minded people in that time, and they in turn bring their skills with them. But you can't get that on Wikipedia. 
Testimonials are so important in building up new relationships with potential customers.

Make your success

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FREE Dynamic 90 Minute Seminars

Money back guarantee!! No need. This is a free event full of great material you go take back to the office and use straight away. I've had some who haven't even made it back to their office. They've been so fired up they've gone out and tackled a prospect or followed up on an aexisting customer to get additional business!!

Come and join me on Tuesday 26th or Thursday 28th October (next week) at the Metropole Chambers, Salubrious Passage, Swansea, SA1 3RW for just 90 minutes of fast talking ideas that will make your business buzz.

Not a boring Powerpoint Presentation but a new idea every minute. So thats 90 new ideas or selling skills. Could you take so much information in and then go back to your office and put it into action? I guarantee that you will increase your net profit.

This will get you spiked up. I'll even paint some go-faster stripes on your arms once you attend this Turbo Success Seminar and you'll just motor.  Another Business Builder Brick.

We’re Having a Dynamic Seminar!

90 packed minutes of Creative Marketing Ideas and Selling Skills

Presented by Mike Leahy
(Booking is essential)
Location: Metropole Chambers, Salubrious Passage, Swansea, SA1 3RW
 Dates: Tuesday 26th ; Thursday 28th October  

Time: 9.15 - 10.45 am
What to Bring: A receptive mind and a willingness to take action
No Cost: This is a f.ree event   *see below
Reserve Your Place: Call or Text 07976364681
(Very limited places. Maximum 6 people per seminar)
Booking is Essential

Do You qualify? Only Business Owners and Managers
Guaranteed to get you thinking and taking action. Great Ideas you've forgotten or that are new
Mike provides individual and business support in a number of areas as his knowledge extends beyond marketing and covers many areas of business operations. Mike has acted as a mentor during my early stages of business development and continues to assist me with marketing consultancy. I find Mike to be personable, supportive and reliable in his delivery of creative marketing solutions.”       January 4, 2010 Jacqueline Cole CEO Make My Summer Ltd
 Wishing you success. So call me today on 07976364681 and book your place now.

*the event is free but anyone who books and doesn't attend will be charged £49.00 as it will be preventing someone else from benefitting. You do need to book. Do it Now. Call 07976364681

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Is selling an art or science?

Some people say salesmen are born and others say you can make them. Some peoople think selling is an art whilst others say "Science"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Be persistent! And dare to be different!

Here are some more building blocks that will make you successful through small steps and persistence.

Be Persistent!
I was talking to a friend yesterday who is a music composer but isn't making big bucks so he works selling door to door. He sells utilities. That is a hard job, knocking on every door in a street, hoping to catch someone at home. And hoping even more that they are the householder - that they are prepard to give you a few minutes time - that you can convince them of your money saving offer - and that they will sign up.

He probably gets more "No's" in a day than most of us do in a month, if not a year. Yet he persists whatever the weather and no matter how many difficult or rude or unpleasant people he meets: no matter how many doors are unanswered because he knows the odds are in his favour. He probably knows the number of "No's" he gets to every "Yes". So he can accept the negatives and no-answers because he knows each one brings him closer to the next order.

Are you persistent! Do you keep going when faced with "No" after "No"? Or do you stop early and call it a day? Because that next call - the one after you stop - could be the one that says "Yes".

I remember back in the sixties selling encyclopedias door to door and we used to go out as a group. Maybe 5 in a car. We'd park up and the superviser would hand out street maps so we knew which roads to call on. We'd arrive about 11 in the morning. Then we'd meet up at about 1 for something to eat then back out knocking on doors again. At around 5 we'd meet up again and then it was back on appointments in the early evening. 

During the day we'd be making appointments. We needed both partners to be present because we were presenting a big investment and most families bought on hire purchase. We wanted a joint agreement.

During the days we were selling appointments and in the evenings we were selling products. It was hard work, especially if it was raining or cold but the rewards were high so we persisted. The staff turnover was high but those who stayed generally earned. 

It's a long slow journey setting up any venture, whether it's you as a sale-person or a a business that you intend to grow and employ people. Have a dream. Stay focussed. Keep going and you will reach your goal. But don't forget the map - your business or marketing plan - for without a plan, map or guide we won't know where we are reaching for.

Dare to be Different
Look at what your competitors are doing and try to be different. Become memorable.

I remember when I was a young salesman I started wearing a bow-tie. You don't see many nowadays and when you do , do you wonder what sort of person the wearer is? Well it was the same then but I carried on and became the guy with the dickie. Even when buyers couldn't remember my name they remembered the tie and associated it with the products or services that I was selling. Like the phot? This was a the launch of the Local Business Forum two years ago. We have gone through big changes since then.

How can you be different? How can you stand out in a crowd? It doesn't have to be outrageous but if it is and provided it doesn't offend anyone then you may surprise yourself and build up a memorable brand image. 

If you want to be successful by doing the small things right and using no-cost, low-cost marketing ideas that work then sign up for personal coaching andd realise your full potential. Just call or text me on 07976364681 or e-mail Two heads are better than one - together we can succeed.

Be lucky by being active and positive.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Basic Marketing is the no-cost, low-cost rute to success

Over and over I am finding that businesses are ignoring, ignorant about, or forgetting marketing basics. And it is the basics that will drive any business forward and ahead of the competition. It seems a no-brainer that these are the essential elements and usually either low-cost or indeed no-cost.

And so I’m setting out to push my concept and help any business-person who will read and participate in this blog and the ideas that are brought out.

If you want to finally crunch the credit-crunch (watch out for the infamous cuts we are expecting that will affect everyone) or if you want push the boundaries then I’d hope this will get you going. Please give me some feed-back and let me know how you are doing. Help me prove that you can increase your profits and improve your cash-flow through using simple techniques. The theme will be enthusiasm, positive attitude and action. Without these you can try all the ideas under the sun and still fail. Who said give me an average enthusiastic man and ‘ll make him a success? If it hasn’t been said already then I’m saying it now.

To get started you’ll need to think about your customers, who are they, why do they buy your products and what would they buy in addition? Don’t spend too long writing a huge report. Use an A4 sheet – ring up some of your customers and talk to them. Ask if they can spare a few minutes and give you some feed-back on how they found your products or services. What did they like best? Did they have any ideas to make improvements? Why did they choose to use you?

By asking these questions you’ll learn about yourself and your business, you’ll see how you can make positive changes and most importantly you’ll begin to build up better customer relations. Why not invite them onto your Customer Review Panel and tell them you’ll send out occasional e-mails with a question or two. But you can also send out information about new services and products.

Marketing basics rule. OK! let’s prove it. Sign up to the Local Business Forum for 1-2-1 coaching that will turn you into a Super sales machine.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 Building Blocks to Dramatically Increase Your Profits

This is just on an overview of some simple basics that you should work on in your business. Get the basics right and the rest will look itself.

Get a website
Over 72% of consumers now use the internet rather than Yellow Pages or Directory Enquiries. A website helps people know, like and trust you - then they'll buy. But apart from prospective customers checking you out others may want to buy on-line. There are many factors that you should consider with a website
but it is bettter to have a poor website than one at all, provided you plan to make improvements as a priority. Websites should be constantly adjusted and improved.

Give Something Free  
Give something free to and you are halfway to the sale. Well! Not exactly half way but you'll get prospective customers to pause and look twice. With the thousands of sales messages we are all bomabared with daily you need to get yourself noticed. A freebie is a good way. And it can be used in a number of ways to get more business, lead the reader forward or get information.

Contact 50 new businesses each week and talk to the MAN
You've got to get out and tell to sell. Regular phone canvassing guarantees an increase in potential sales. You may need to change that target depending on a number of factors. But start today and make those adjustments as necessary. If you haven't done this before be ready for a surprise, lots of "no's" but when you hit a "yes" it's all worthwhile.

Networking is a way to get your message out to local businesses and build up a referral system. Look for Free opportunities, events that you can go to for free, exhibitions where you can networkwith the exhibitors. Networking is a sure-fire way to get new business but not usually from those you talk to but from people they know. Always ask "who do you know that could use this product/service?". Networking is an art. Not many people know how but those who do certainly do get new business.

Have a Newsletter
This keeps prospects and existing customers hot and interested in your products. The newsletter can be on-line or printed. The former is free or low-cost but these usually don't get read by that many people, no matter how interesting. The latter are often read by more than 1 person but there is the printing cost and postage.

Start an appropriate advertising campaign
There are several ways to advertise without spending large sums on newspapers, radio, TV or Yellow Pages.You don't need large expensive adverts. The very smaklest offering a free report are winners and usually open the door for you.

Build a Prospect List
Some people are ready to buy now whilst others won't buy for weeks, months or years.  Manage your list and keep each prospect alive.Grade each propsect into hot, warm and cold. Put in dates when you want to contact them to take them to the next stage. Keep a prospect sheet.

Maintain good records
Good records will ensure you keep on top and get the order. You need to keep records on prospects and when they will probably buy, individual records for each prospects and customer, sales records, activity records and a diary.

Keep Trying New Ideas
Nothing stands still so even if you feel you're are doing well you need to be innovative. Both new products and new selling methods will grow your business.

There will be updates and more in-depth articles to help you. 

All these ideas will improve your business provided you Take Positive Action.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is Coaching right for you?

Concerned about whether coaching and courses will work for you? Here are some comments from satisfied clients.

Rachael Flanagan of Mrs Bucket Cleaning Co and the current UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year (beating over 1500 other hopefuls) said:
“Mike runs great seminars. I learn new ideas about sales and marketing every time we meet and they always work”

Nick Everest of Visual360Wales said:
“I found our meeting interesting and you were inspirational”

Barbara Collier of Collier Photo Imaging said:
“Mike Leahy has advised myself and my staff on marketing, motivation and merchandising . . he has a world of experience and gives his time generously. I would not hestiate to recommend him to any business or individual needing to increaee their turnover. His cheery smile, wonderful enthusiasm and eldless markerting ideas are absolutely invaluable”

Some content for the first few weeks that will get you off on a fast-track start include:

Any project needs planning. Then you need the tools and materials. You will be building your business with these bricks to have a firm structure that will last.  

Introduction. “What you can expect from this course” If you want to increase turnover and sales and are prepared to make some changes then this is for you. Successful selling is achieved through having positive personal attributes, sales skills, marketing ideas, plenty of bottle, the ability to take enthusiastic action and a good system.

Are you Motivated? Many people say they’ll succeed: without strong self-motivation there is no way. How to get and stay motivated starting today.

Visualisation. What is it and how can you use it to become ultra successful?

Get Organised. Lets start as we mean to go on. Without organisation you’ll never reach your goals in life. And there is no set way to be organised only golden rules.

Back to Basics. Before you can go forward you need to look over your shoulder and see where you’ve come from. You also need to look at the maths equation that will tell you whether you have a chance to succeed. No you don’t have to do any complicated algebra!!

All about Canvassing. Why do you need to canvass? What methods can you use? What is best for you? Canvassing is both a big “No! No!” and a numbers game.

Carry out a SWOT Analysis. Read the instructions and follow the template: you’ll then work it out for yourself

Use a Diary. Many don’t use diaries properly. A diary is the signpost and results of your Business or Marketing Plan. A diary is the place where you must be honest with yourself.

CRM System. This  is free and will allow more than one person access. Great for running teams, using a virtual assistant and generally keeping ahead of the game.

Action Plan introduction. You’ll see how important a forward running Action Plan is to keep you in front of the game. You’ll get a template that you can use week on week, month on month.

The Day Book your best £5 investment. Buy a Day Book today and you can use your brain in a more constructive way.

The YOU brand. Lets be honest. Why do people buy from your business? The answer should be a personal one.

Complete the Hidden Asset Audit. This 26 pages questionnaire will help you see strengths and weaknesses in your own marketing

Write Marketing Plan Part One. So now to write out the Marketing Plan that’s going to shoot

you up to the stars. Part one however is getting the background information. Unfortunately this is the boring bit so lets get it out of the way first.

Getting that order - the numbers game. If converting prospects into customers may be an art then working out the number of orders you’ll get is quite a science. You’ll love it when people say “No!”

Selling success is a conversation piece. I’ve loved selling for the past 45 years. It has been an experience to meet so many interesting people, to hear their stories, to ask them questions and to finally get that order signed. Most people hate selling – I’ll show you how to love it!

Getting calls. Mobile, Answering Service, Pager, Joint Ventures. When someone calls your phone they want to talk to a person. Maybe you can’t afford a receptionist. Well there are some great alternatives. And I bet one of these is for you.

Looking Great. Do you look the part? These tips alone will increase you confidence and add inches to your personality.

Canvassing to suit your Business. There are many ways to generate interest in your

services and products. Calling people by phone, writing, sending e-mails, texts or calling in person on them at work are just some ways. Lets find out what suits you.

Canvassing by Phone Part 1. Telephone canvassing is hard work that most people hate. Done well by experienced canvassers can be enjoyable, stress free and very rewarding. What are the key secrets? How can you succeed? Part One will get you started.
Canvassing Sheet. This template will get you started and enable you to keep tabs on what you are doing. Remember! Number crunching shines the way forward.

Door-to-Door Canvassing Part 1. Going out and calling on businesses was the rage in the sixties. Now it’s back and bringing in the results. We’ve forgotten the importance of personal face-to-face contact. Try these proven techniques and win through time after time

5x3 Cards. Forget your Blackberry or I-phone. Index cards can be a secret weapon in relationship selling.

Canvassing schedule. You’ve got to set yourself targets. Make your pledge today and I promise you’ll see positive results fast.

Write Marketing Plan Part Two. We’ve seen where we are now lets look at where we want to be. This is your blueprint.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkin and more. If you haven’t used any of these get onto the site and look at some of the pages. You may have to register as a member but it’s free so just do it. Make sure you use the same name – your name to build up your personal branding. More about this later.

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Good luck with your sales

Monday, August 02, 2010

Talk to me and increase your profits dramatically!

Work with me for just 15 weeks and we’ll dramatically increase your turnover and profits.

Starting or running a growing business but not sure what to do next?

Running a business that just isn’t growing?
Still making mistakes that you should be aware of?

Join me in the Local Business Forum
I’m Mike Leahy, your growing business coach and, just like you, an entrepreneur. Starting a new business or growing an existing one is hard work if you do not have the experience and expertise. 

Starting out just like you with a small instant print shop back in sixties and built it up using practical no-cost and low-cost marketing ideas coupled with my selling experience. Since then I have worked with numerous business owners, sharing with them those same trusted ideas and skills so that they too enjoyed success with their businesses.

I am still running business ventures including a new on-line radio show for growing businesses so that my finger is still on the marketing pulse. This year my aim is to help 120 business owners like you learn and use the steps to get your business working so that you achieve the lifestyle you want. 

You will have found that the internet is overflowing with information, often at inflated prices, that promises you success overnight. This does occasionally happen but usually through a fluke. Most enterprises grow through hard work – look at overnight entertainment successes - when asked they usually tell you it took over 10 years of un-ending hard work.

So if you want to become a millionaire by tomorrow this isn’t for you!

On the other hand if you want to grow your business on firm foundations that will become a valuable asset then join me and other dynamic business owners at the Local Business Forum and learn through the Local Business Academy.

Good Selling makes great business.