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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Just the Job course launched on Udemy

Life is an ever changing tapestry with its ups and downs. Recent years have seen unemployment rise dramatically then steadily fall as more and more people have been able to find employment.
And this should be good exciting news but many jobs are just part-time or zero hour contracts, which means people are off the unemployed register but working for a pittance. The government tell us that average wages have risen but I think you'll find that is in specific jobs and places. Probably mainly in the South East and in the service and financial sectors. For many their wages or salaries have stayed stagnant or been reduced.
Now this is not a political comment, although the government seem to massage the statistics and manipulate the figures as with inflation. The shopping basket used for the cost of living index has been changed over the years taking out some of the rapid rise items. This is a rational comment on the state of play.
If you are on a zero hour contract you'll probably have times when you expect an eight hour shift and are released after just a couple. You might even find that you've had days or even weeks when there has been no work. As far as the official figures are concerned you are working.
You may be working part-time, say 16 hours a week. How are you supposed to live on that? But you are off the unemployed register.
So now is your opportunity to get that job you really want. The job that you will enjoy. The job that will give you sufficient wages to live.
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We all talk about HAVING to work, and its true, we need to work to pay our way. But work gives you real satisfaction. If not then maybe you should consider changing.
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