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Monday, September 03, 2012

The time has come to take up the quill pen and start scratching again.

So watch out for events, information, points of view and much more. Are Swansea Council fulfilling their obligations and going a step more? Does Cameron and his band think we believe in him and his leadership? Does he think that by making comments such as "I'm no mouse" and stating that he's going to cut red tape and take positive steps to get us back on the road to work and recovery?

Did you watch the Olympics and Paralymics? 
Did you understand the dedication and hard work by the Olympians and then see the even bigger effort made by the Paralympians, many of whom never thought of being a sports-person, let alone a champion until they became disabled. Looking at their efforts perhaps it is us who are disabled. They are all super stars who show that Stephen Hawkins's speech at the opening ceremony rings so true "However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at!
Will the government start using these stars to inspire the nation without taking the praise for the Olympics success upon themselves. 
And just to show that he's an outstanding all-rounder did you see Mo Farah beat The Cube on TV last evening. I think the first person to do so. After a hesitant start where it looked as if he would fall at the first hurdle he went on to beat The Cube on the first attempt at each succeeding round. The look on his face and his determination were unmissable. 
It does go to show the determination and courage displayed by winners.
And didn't the women do well. Some say a great  step forward. And I hope so. There is still plenty of inequality between men and women at all levels. Will the Olympic success re-address that somewhat or will the beginning of the football season take us back two months?? 
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