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Monday, May 09, 2011

Surfing today at Rotherslade Bay

As a local on-line Swansea TV Show we aim to bring you local interest. Here's some shots taken this morning around 7am. The winds were up and surf was high. Watch the surfers

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Neath Steam Vintage Show

Yesterday I went to the Neath Steam Vintage Show. It was only the second year that it had run but it was full of the most interesting vehicles. There were full size, half size and quarter size steam engines fired up and going as if they'd just come off the assembly line.

It was held at the Cefn Coed Colliery Museum, Crynant so there was plenty to see. And we'll be talking to some of these enthusiasts on one of our first Swansea Bay TV Shows.

Just take a look at this incredible steam engine that was used on local farms when first built. Looking at it you'd be srprised at the immaculate state that it's in.

I talked to Joe Davies who has an amazing collection of petrol cans. "Petrol Cans!" I can hear you exclaim.What is there to know? Surely one is the same as the next." The simple answer is "No!"

Joe is just so knowledgeable that he held me enthralled about the different petrol companies. The way the cans were manufactured. What paint was used and how the companies amalgamated or traded under different names in different places. Watch out for Joe talking to me on a forthcoming show.

There were also skilled artists. Here you see Paul Strange. I didn't get his contact details. If you know him please let me know. He is a qualified stone mason and has moved on to what he describes as "the joy of slate" and he creates the most beautiful reliefs with incredible detail. These are absolutely unique and take many, many hours of work to complete.

If you are holding an event that you think our viewers will enjoy then let us know