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Monday, November 16, 2009

Cinchast Adds an Extra Dimension

Communications are moving at such a fast rate "I don't believe it". I remember when we had the only telephone in the road!

You have Facebook, Twitter and other social sites that give you the freedom to express yourself on one level but promote yourself and business on another. none of this was possible and practical just a couple of years ago. Just for a bit of fun I formed a Facebook Group "Boycott X Factor" last Sunday and within a week there are nealy 1000 memebers. Not as big as some groups by a long way: I didn't have a logo: and it was devised in minutes so there are several things I didn't do that would increase membership. But how could you have done that just 36 months ago?

I've now discovered and can phone in from anywhere in the world, leave a message and that will be on the website within a few seconds. Connect to Twitter, e-mail & Facebook and you can send out audio group messages instantly. Uses are limitless. It's currently being used to give out tips and messages in general. How about uswer groups where you send out information about product specification or price changes, setting up meetings for sales or other teams, telling your group of customers about a special saver deal just for them? The ideas are limitless. I used it to do short promos for people I met at the exhibition over the weekend but you could even do interviews or get testimonials.

Try it out and please follow me. You can do that at And please write your comments at the end of this blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Show Girls Literally

Just saw these girls dancing at the New Start Show at Cardiff today.

They were excellent but deserved a bigger crowd.
Watch for more details about the Show. By the way can you spot the deliberate mistake in the video?
And go to and see what's happening around me, on the spot one-minute interviews with exhibitors at the New Start exhibition in Cardiff

Monday, November 02, 2009

Local Business Card New Press Release

"Carrie" Your Card

Carrie, the Local Business Card says "Yes" to the idea of giving shoppers savings and sellers marketing support.

The Local Business Card has just arrived and will save shoppers money through freebies and discounts. The card has been named "Carrie" and is designed to get consumers buying from local business, whether out shopping or through the internet.

The brainchild of Mike Leahy, a Swansea marketer who believes in supporting local businesses, the card is designed as a key-fob and is easy to carry and always available. Mike said, "Consumers just look for the symbol in shop windows or on websites. When they present their card they will get a saving or other benefit. There is no paperwork, nothing for the retailer to complete or record. And this is ideal for businesses to promoting themselves. It is hassle free. "

Shoppers save when they Carrie their card.

What about the retailer. Carrie brings in new customers and gets them coming back over again. Shoppers become loyal customers through the newsletter that is sent out fortnightly. This is a great way for them to find genuine bargains and start buying from new retailers. And it’s a really low-cost way to find new customers at just a couple of pounds a week. There is nothing else of value for so little. The marketing budget goes to the customer as a Thank you. And provided the retailer looks after that customer they will be able to build up a solid customer relationship.

Carrie can be used in a wide range of shops, hairdressers, health clubs, restaurants, entertainments and much more. Simple to use, Carrie is available for just ten pounds a year, less than a couple might save on a meal for at their favourite restaurant.

There is a website where all offers are shown. It sounds great, a loyalty card that is accepted by favourite retailers and entitles shoppers to freebies or discount simply for shopping with them. And it is planned to use Twitter, texting and the new exciting Cinch, which allows telephone messages to be up on the website immediately.

Mike Leahy said "I was involved in a similar scheme called The Gainers Club back in the sixties in London but the cost of regularly printing updated directories and sending our information by post was prohibitive and the club only lasted for 18 months or so. The Internet and automated e-mail newsletters brings the cost down to peanuts and we are just charging something to cover our overheads. We are giving a top-line service to both cardholders and sellers. Just ten pounds a year for the card and two pounds per week to advertise as a merchant is not going to break any bank. Most people will save that on a single purchase and many merchants will recoup the annual cost in less than a week. In addition there is no commitment. I just want a card that is easy to get, simple to use and guarantees the user something extra. Something that helps everyone through the current economic climate and beyond."

Mike went on to say "And it is not just shops. I am looking for entertainment such as clubs bowling, racing and theatres, restaurants, hotels and health clubs, internet businesses and business-to-business.

In fact the scheme was originally created to work between businesses but the demand has opened the floodgates. So there will be web designers, sign makers, graphics designers, stationers, plumbers and electricians and many others. I have designed the scheme to be simple without any need for unnecessary paperwork apart from registering. A scheme that will be good for both shoppers and sellers."

When you Carrie your card you can be sure of a great deal.

There are already sellers signing up in Swansea but this will become much bigger and nationwide through franchising. In fact the first new area has been signed up just today so Carrie can be used in Lincoln too. The Local Business Card is the only card you need.

kind regards