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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just the Job

Unemployed? Not happy with your job? Want to upgrade your job? 
Of course you do. You'd be in the majority. Too many people are out of work or on a zero hour contract or unhappy with their job.
But most won't or don't know how to find the job they want. They don't know how to succeed at interviews. They don't know how to persuade the person interviewing them to give them the job.
Mike Leahy's new e-book is called Just The Job and is available now and will take you through the whole job seeking process. Take a look at where, for a small investment of just £9.95 you can start you future straight away.

Getting a job isn’t just turning up at interview. The whole process is getting yourself into shape, having a process for finding likely jobs, being successful at the interview and closing to get the job offer.

Here are the opening paragraphs
I have been shocked that so many people I have met and talked with just do not know how to go about looking for a job and securing it. It seems that many think that the only way is to look on the internet. You can buy anything through E-Bay or Amazon, you can find out about anything through Google, but you can’t find a job so simply. This book will show you what you have to do and how to do it. It isn’t a magic formula that will give you a job. You have to work for it. Put the work in and you’ll get that job, money and self-respect. Remember! Getting that job is a full time job itself.
Redundancy, downsizing, cut backs, inflation, devaluation and internet shopping are all terms that have connotations for everyone but strike fear into the hearts of many workers because it could mean that they lose their job.
The changes in society mean that a job for life has completely disappeared even in banking and national and local government. So we now have lifetime learning and often the need to re-train for jobs. This does lead to problems where you might train up for the type of work you’d like to do then can’t get a job in that sector so you go back and re-train for something else.
And even when you get a job you don’t know how long it will last. Some companies just have short contracts that they keep renewing so there is so is no security there. Others just offer part-time jobs so you’ll not earn enough to live or you’ll have to take two jobs just to get a full-time wage. And some companies such as Amazon actually cut shifts when the staff arrive. So you get up early to start at say 5 o’clock and when you get inside and change into your boots then you’re told that there’s no shift. Companies go bust and the first thing the staff know is when they read it in the paper, see it on Facebook or go to work and find the doors locked.

Only buy this book if you are not afraid to take action. Too many people but programmes and never implement the ideas.