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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Christmas but do we really want a white one now?

And so we run up to Christmas. The snow and ice has certainly had an effect.
Difficult to get out to the shops so will there be a last minute rush with panic buying? Will the snow stop us in our tracks?
Buying on-line has been attractive for many but the goods aren't getting through as fast as they should be and I understand that some online retailers have stopped accepting orders for Xmas. So that's going to have an impact on the high street.
Another factor, of course, is the recession. Some are forecasting a record breaking Xmas because many people can't see the point of saving with the low interest rate. Sales are started even earlier this year, some began a week ago or more, whilst others start  tomorrow or Thursday. So if there is a record-breaking sales will they be profitable? It's no good thinking turnover if the profit has gone. 
Profit pays wages, rent and business tax, new stock and all those other business expenses. Without adequate profits how will some retailers manage? Banks continue, day on day to damage businesses by reducing overdraft facilities yet seem to get away with So let's hope there won't be major losses on the face of the High Street after Xmas.
I noticed many shops closed on Saturday, Sunday and yesterday. These have been mainly smaller shops who may only have a limited number of staff. So it can be impossible to travel. But banks closed too? Surely these guys are earning enough from us all to be able to keep branches open. Sadly not. In fact I know one of the local banks to me where the staff are truly stretch - I guess in the name of profit.
And trains, airports and major roads seem to have ground to a halt. Rail passengers waiting over 5 hours for Eurostar to travel to France and I guess those coming back too. Heathrow just closed with no movement at all. And no communication either, so passengers don't even know what's happening. Living in a world of fast moving technology and the most advanced personal communications systems such as I-Phone it doesn't make sense that airports can give passengers good information
So lets have a really good Christmas and forget our worries and troubles. And let's try and make 2011 a great year.

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