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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Be persistent! And dare to be different!

Here are some more building blocks that will make you successful through small steps and persistence.

Be Persistent!
I was talking to a friend yesterday who is a music composer but isn't making big bucks so he works selling door to door. He sells utilities. That is a hard job, knocking on every door in a street, hoping to catch someone at home. And hoping even more that they are the householder - that they are prepard to give you a few minutes time - that you can convince them of your money saving offer - and that they will sign up.

He probably gets more "No's" in a day than most of us do in a month, if not a year. Yet he persists whatever the weather and no matter how many difficult or rude or unpleasant people he meets: no matter how many doors are unanswered because he knows the odds are in his favour. He probably knows the number of "No's" he gets to every "Yes". So he can accept the negatives and no-answers because he knows each one brings him closer to the next order.

Are you persistent! Do you keep going when faced with "No" after "No"? Or do you stop early and call it a day? Because that next call - the one after you stop - could be the one that says "Yes".

I remember back in the sixties selling encyclopedias door to door and we used to go out as a group. Maybe 5 in a car. We'd park up and the superviser would hand out street maps so we knew which roads to call on. We'd arrive about 11 in the morning. Then we'd meet up at about 1 for something to eat then back out knocking on doors again. At around 5 we'd meet up again and then it was back on appointments in the early evening. 

During the day we'd be making appointments. We needed both partners to be present because we were presenting a big investment and most families bought on hire purchase. We wanted a joint agreement.

During the days we were selling appointments and in the evenings we were selling products. It was hard work, especially if it was raining or cold but the rewards were high so we persisted. The staff turnover was high but those who stayed generally earned. 

It's a long slow journey setting up any venture, whether it's you as a sale-person or a a business that you intend to grow and employ people. Have a dream. Stay focussed. Keep going and you will reach your goal. But don't forget the map - your business or marketing plan - for without a plan, map or guide we won't know where we are reaching for.

Dare to be Different
Look at what your competitors are doing and try to be different. Become memorable.

I remember when I was a young salesman I started wearing a bow-tie. You don't see many nowadays and when you do , do you wonder what sort of person the wearer is? Well it was the same then but I carried on and became the guy with the dickie. Even when buyers couldn't remember my name they remembered the tie and associated it with the products or services that I was selling. Like the phot? This was a the launch of the Local Business Forum two years ago. We have gone through big changes since then.

How can you be different? How can you stand out in a crowd? It doesn't have to be outrageous but if it is and provided it doesn't offend anyone then you may surprise yourself and build up a memorable brand image. 

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Be lucky by being active and positive.