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Monday, July 25, 2011

Swansea Bay TV weekend activities 23/24 July

Be successful in Life.

Weekend Events 23/24th July 2011

Out and about this weekend. If you have events coming up tell us about them for coverage.

The crowd of runners just kept passing us for several minutes. A real air of  festivity and lets enjoy the event. At the same time raising money.

Jade Williams won on a record breaking time of nder 20 minutes. As a Welsh Champion runner perhaps not too unexpected but nevertheless a great time.And when I spokee with her just minutes later she was hardly ot of breath. Amazing!!

Emily Jones came was in the leader pack and was a sch a young rnner to do so well. Congratulations

The changes around the Marina over the last 3-4 years are amazing. Take a walk along the beach path and be surprised.

Thundercat Racing in the distance. Another national championship that wants to come to Swansea Bay

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mal Pope stops by for a cappuchino

Tomorrow we'l be out and about taMal Pope stopped by today and spoke to Louise Houghton. It was a really relaxed interview and it was good to hear him talk about how much Swansea means to him. Don't miss this interview which will be in one of our first programmes when we start broadcasting in 2 weeks.

Mal has written several musicals and is such a wealth of information about Swansea history. I'm hoping we can persuade him to join us again . . and again . . .and again. He certainly brought some feel good dust with him today.

And talking about the theatre if you have an amateur production coming up shortly call us and we'll come along and talk with the cast, film an extract at rehearsal and show it prior to your event. It takes so much effort to take part in any production and what do we need? Audiences. So lets talk.

Tomorrow we are ot and about talking to people around town and seeing what you like most about Swansea. What you'd like us to include in our shows and if you have any interesting stories. Watch out for us

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swansea Coastguards fight to keep open

7.45am went to Mumbles to try and speak with Sir Alan Massey, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Chief Executive but he wasn't available. The sudden decision to close the Swansea Coastguard operation came as a shock to everyone living in the area. In the announcement it seemed to me that the arguement was not to do with the location but on two other factors. Firstly it was stated that there were enough employees from the Government Dept working in the area and it is felt that this is an excuse and cover for the loss, and secondly the heavy campaign at Fishguard may have tipped the scales on which station to close. It seems that locally the decision was not even considered. Or was it?  There are support and campaigning groups now and  understand the Facebook group closed today because it was full!

This is a vital service that does save lives. As an area of outstanding beauty and such a magnet to tourists with a whole range of outside water activities this service is not just necessary but essential. Please support