While there's no doubt that big goals and larger-picture things are incredibly important, it's the little things that keep us going on the day-to-day. Have you ever found yourself wondering what successful people do every day that you're missing out on? Read on for the 7 exercises to keep you strong, successful, and moving.
1.Always being completely transparent
Sometimes, it can feel really hard not to indulge in what appears to be a harmless white lie. Yet, the problem with white lies many people don't realize is that they add up--and they add up really quickly. The more honest and vulnerable you are with those around you, the truer you are to yourself. Not only are your intentions clear to those you work with--you'll never be questioned about your motives.
2. Wake up really early
Although some of us are night owls rather than early birds, it's been proven that peak productivity is definitely in the early morning. Force yourself to complete a couple tasks while sipping on your morning coffee. Your long-term success will come.
3. Keep petty change
All money is money, even though we often tend to forget that. Even when spending $5 here or $3 there may not seem like a big deal, keep in mind that things--whether we like it or not--always add up.
4. Eat well
Your body is a reflection of your perceived self-worth--so definitely be sure that you're treating it well. If you feed your body nutritious foods, greens, and lean protein, you'll feel great. And your productivity will reflect that.
5. Don't touch your phone
Have at least one hour a day when you don't go on your phone. These days, we're all so addicted to this little box of glass and wire that, sometimes, we lose sight of the splendor around us. Put your phone down. Your real-life experiences will amplify.
6. Set realistic goals
Don't overload yourself or multitask to an unreasonable extreme. We all have things we know we can do, and we'll feel amazing when we complete them. Focus on those--don't drown yourself.
7. Ask for help
Even though many of us are shy to admit when we can't take on all the work ourselves, the time can come when it's no longer reasonable to do everything ourselves. In those moments, reach out to those you trust for help. Your tired, stressed nerves will feel blessed.