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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

December here in a week

What are you doing to prepare your campaign to bring in sales during January and February,historically the lowest sales months of the year?
And this year the hike in VAT plus British Gas gas and electricity up by 7% and other increases it's going to leave many householders looking to cut back dramatically. This will have an adverse effect on practically every type of business.
So now is the time to sit down, brainstorm and come up with some simple practical ideas that wioll give you the edge over your competitors.
New Year resolutions usually kick in on New Years Day and kickout before mid March. So why don't you start now. It's often really just a question of  of changing your habits.
So . . . 
Don't spend hours writing Business Plans and Marketing Plans. 
Write down on an A4 Sheet your BIG GOALS - just bullet points.
Then write down the small stages you need to take to reach those goals. Those small steps are solutions. Think about it.
By tackling say 4-5 small; goals each week you will reach your Big Goals.


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