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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Exciting new video editing software that's a real winner

Video is king.
A video says more than a million words
So why don't more people use video on their websites, blogs, Facebook page and landing pages?
Is it because many are afraid of video? Don't realise how easy it is? Don't want to feature on video? I believe it is a mixture of these and many other factors. So they are losing opportunities to increase orders for their business. Video helps potential customers get to know you, get to like you, and get to trust you. Video also lets you demonstrate products. Seeing someone on your website handing a product is almost as good as them holding it themselves. And holding a product gives you a feeling of possession. So this is very important.
I've discovered a brilliant video editor which is quite unlike any I've ever seen. It's easy to use and is the most versatile low-cost video editing I've ever seen. Take a look just click here 
Just take a look and you'll be as impressed as me. I must tell you I may be paid a commission by the seller if you decide to purchase. I will have some examples to show you in a day or so but I wanted to tell you immediately.
You may also be interested in the video training I shall be covering in this blog over the coming weeks,. This will cover using smartphones to produce outstanding video, composing shots to be more interesting, how to talk on video, how to make a good selvid (video selfie), what you should include, titling, setting up a YouTube page and much more. So why not click here  or copy and paste this link and see how with Explaindio you can make watchable videos with or without people and even without using any video.
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Friday, July 03, 2015