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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New content on Marketing Basics

I've just updated my website marketing basics and included a video from my Recession Buster series. This one is 10 top tips to ensure newsletters bring in extra sales. To back this up I've included some information about marketmailer, an automated e-mail system that costs peanuts but is equal to the most expensive systems.

Marketing is on-going and is even more vital during these finacially difficult days. And sales skills are just as important but I'm finding that they are lacking in most business people. So what heights would they reach with a bit of coaching and learning some basic selling skills.

In the beginning

This is the first entry of my new blog. My new website marketing basics is designed to be a focal point for small and medium businesses to improve their sales and marketing efforts. It includes general marketing tips and two courses, namely Phoenix, which is a 100 day programme where participants work on their business for one hour a day to increase sales and improve their marketing effort.

I also have a disability access site promoting my business which is taken up in the main by local authorities and major organisations. I carry out access audits and offer access consultancy. My current projects are within Aintree NHS Trust and Westminster City Council.

THis initial post is to see how quickly the results will be recognised.