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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The White House opens its doors.

 Mike Jones of The White House in Swansea attended my Seminar on Tuesday and today he kindly send a few words as follows.

"I didn't learn anything new on Mike's seminar but I was reminded of so many ideas that I'd forgotten. It was a great wake-up call and I'll certainly be taking action starting today. I thought the toolkit book was a great idea and the call to action list good to get those brilliant momentarily ideas on paper I recommend Mike's courses for any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level."

Mike very kndly provided a large flask/jug  of coffee for our seminar. And of course creams, milk and sugar. Thanks Mike.

And talking about referrals I looked up Mike's website and see that he gets almost daily testimonials. And are they good! Here are some from the last few dys. I know it's good because I've had friends stay there. I've just recommended them for a Xmas party for a group of 12-14 and Mike has come up with a really good price. Nice to have a party where you can meet in the intimate lounge for drinks, adjourn to the dining room for the meal then back to the lounge for a few more drinks. Almost like home from home without the work.

 Go to that link and take a look  Click here

Review posted by - Brian Tainsh , Langbank, Renfrewshire - 20/10/2010

Very nice single room with corner windows. Nothing was too much trouble for Proprietor Mike - as I had to leave early each morning he supplied a packed breakfast for me. Would return to the White House, and recommend it.
Review posted by - Sue B , Reading - 18/10/2010

Room was good, free wifi was great. The food was very good - there was a wide range of interesting dishes to choose from for dinner. Breakfast was great too. Parking just outside on the road was much closer and more convenient than in a large hotel chain.
Review posted by - Rob Pearce , United Kingdom - 18/10/2010

Very clean and smart accomadation!!!! Will return in future
Review posted by - Bronte & Meredith , Australia - 18/10/2010

Many thanks to Mike and his team for making our two stays so enjoyable. The hospitality was sensational. Minor problems with the TV and the noise were overcome by the service and friendliness of all involved.
Best wishes to everyone at The White House for Xmas 2010!
Review posted by - John Smith , Haverfordwest - 15/10/2010

Superb accommodation, extremely clean and well equipped.
Hospitality first class and always on hand.
Extensive Menu, Comfortable Bed, Free Wi-FI.
This accommodation I would class and 5 Stars.
Mike puts a lot of effort and time into making this the best place to stay in Swansea without a doubt !!!.
Review posted by - Sian Jones , Denbigh - 12/10/2010

Had a lovely stay! Room very clean and comfortable and breakfast was delightful! Will be back.

Testimonials are the killer sales closer. Use them with gusto. If you use a sight seller then include some full letters (photocopied in colour) and if you send out quotes send some in the pack. On your website, and advertising, and in blogs. They are a winner.

To book the seminar on 9th or 11th November click here

Good Business.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Seminar took place this morning. Feedback here.

Today I ran the promised first small seminar for six business owners. It lasted about 80 minutes and was really interactive. The feed-back I've had has been good and  I've included an e-mail I received from Richard Smith of RClean Window Cleaning Services who attended, and whom I have worked with during the last 12 months. We have decided to follow up with another meeting to continue with the seminar as there is still a cave full of information to give out and discuss.

We actually covered just 4 pages of the 36 page manual I have written and used over the last few years. It is a comprehensive course that covers most aspects of business apart from most finacial aspects.

Richard wrote "Well mike it was another good meeting and I always take home with me a little more knowledge each time. I can't wait until the 16th to continue the group talk.
I must give my testiment to a marvelous marketing and business advisor, Mike leahy. Yes you did read that correct it's Mike leahy. His practical advice will improve any business. A business that wants to gain more business will always thrive by investing time with Mike Leahy.

My faith in Mike started after my business Rclean which offers window cleaning and pressure washing services in South Wales started to lose business because of the recession, and me being rather ill with undiagnosed sleep aponea which is now treated thankfully.  

Mike's marketing advice gave me a much better understanding of what I was doing wrong and how I needed to put in place my attention on doing the right things to gain business.
I have made big improvements and certainly learnt how to gain work business through Mike Leahy.

Thank you Mike

If you wish to call me I am always happy to have a chat about how Mike has helped me personally. signed  Richard  on 07883029588."

To visit Richard's website click here.

There is another seminar tomorrow. And I'm really looking forward to 9.15 when we start. If you are interested then drop me an e-mail at I'll consider running another series shortly. It is updated to include more about Social Media as this is now an integral part of any business. Socal Media is moving at neck-break speed and you really need to know about the basics.

Perhaps you feel travelling to Swansea is not practical. I'm now looking at producing a cd that'll include Podcasts, Pdfs and Powerpoint Presentations together with phone 1-2-1 calls. Interested? Express your interest now and I'll keep you updated. Just send an e-mail to or write a comment below.


Friday, October 22, 2010

When It's gone, it's gone!!

Sold out with 24 hours!! 
Attendees include two who have been to previous seminars of mine and so know how good they are. One said "It was nearly 2 years ago and I need to have a refresher and be motivated.
So now it's upwards and onwards.
We are going to cover a huge amount of tips and tricks that'll get any business up off the blocks and running. It is going to be a really exciting 90 minutes on topics that I'm really experienced with.
The biggest hurdles for many businesess are creating ideas that bring in more profit without having to spend huge amounts and taking big gambles.
I'll be reporting back after both have run. And if they are as successful as last time I'll consider putting on some more.
Meanwhile I was talking to Gareth Davies of Custom Print Works! who was telling me he goes out foot canvassing and gets new customers every day. Having been an advocate of cold calling since the sixties I was pleased to hear his take on this. "Nobody else is doing it. It's much better than calling by phone for many reasons and it's good for my health and pocket. I get plenty of exercise and make good money for the business." 
It is another way of  finding customers and I'll be covering this at in a future posting.Gareth, who is a very experienced salesman will be joining us as a delegate at the Thursday seminar next week. He follows the same thoughts as me. No matter how experienced you are, you'll always learn or remember something to try out.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Not What You Know. Or is it!

There are just two places left for the FREE seminars on Tuesday and Thursday next week. They may have gone by the time you read this.

Interestingly at the Mid and West Wales Chamber networking breakfast this morning that I attended 4 people signed up to attend beccause of postive comments by past attendees plus two who have attended previous meetings are coming back for more.

I was very pleased to receive this testimonial earlier today. An e-mail out of the blue. I've been working with the Lance and Paul of the Uplands Diner in Swansea for the last few months and there have been dramatic socila media and off-line marketing plus other changes and a completed make-over. They are now servibg more breakfasts than ever before and have broken all records during October.

They kindly wrote and said:

The old saying goes "It's not what you know, it's WHO you know". This saying is very appropriate to Mike Leahy. If you needed to find the answer to something and he didn't know it-(first of all, that would probably be unlikely), secondly, he would probably know somebody who WOULD know the answer. He is like the human version of Wikipedia. Since he began assisting the team at the Uplands Diner, he has brought a vast array of experience and knowledge which he has personally learned over the decades. Secondly, he has met a lot of like minded people in that time, and they in turn bring their skills with them. But you can't get that on Wikipedia. 
Testimonials are so important in building up new relationships with potential customers.

Make your success

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FREE Dynamic 90 Minute Seminars

Money back guarantee!! No need. This is a free event full of great material you go take back to the office and use straight away. I've had some who haven't even made it back to their office. They've been so fired up they've gone out and tackled a prospect or followed up on an aexisting customer to get additional business!!

Come and join me on Tuesday 26th or Thursday 28th October (next week) at the Metropole Chambers, Salubrious Passage, Swansea, SA1 3RW for just 90 minutes of fast talking ideas that will make your business buzz.

Not a boring Powerpoint Presentation but a new idea every minute. So thats 90 new ideas or selling skills. Could you take so much information in and then go back to your office and put it into action? I guarantee that you will increase your net profit.

This will get you spiked up. I'll even paint some go-faster stripes on your arms once you attend this Turbo Success Seminar and you'll just motor.  Another Business Builder Brick.

We’re Having a Dynamic Seminar!

90 packed minutes of Creative Marketing Ideas and Selling Skills

Presented by Mike Leahy
(Booking is essential)
Location: Metropole Chambers, Salubrious Passage, Swansea, SA1 3RW
 Dates: Tuesday 26th ; Thursday 28th October  

Time: 9.15 - 10.45 am
What to Bring: A receptive mind and a willingness to take action
No Cost: This is a f.ree event   *see below
Reserve Your Place: Call or Text 07976364681
(Very limited places. Maximum 6 people per seminar)
Booking is Essential

Do You qualify? Only Business Owners and Managers
Guaranteed to get you thinking and taking action. Great Ideas you've forgotten or that are new
Mike provides individual and business support in a number of areas as his knowledge extends beyond marketing and covers many areas of business operations. Mike has acted as a mentor during my early stages of business development and continues to assist me with marketing consultancy. I find Mike to be personable, supportive and reliable in his delivery of creative marketing solutions.”       January 4, 2010 Jacqueline Cole CEO Make My Summer Ltd
 Wishing you success. So call me today on 07976364681 and book your place now.

*the event is free but anyone who books and doesn't attend will be charged £49.00 as it will be preventing someone else from benefitting. You do need to book. Do it Now. Call 07976364681

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Is selling an art or science?

Some people say salesmen are born and others say you can make them. Some peoople think selling is an art whilst others say "Science"