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Friday, April 01, 2022

Hi There

After a year I am writing again. There is so much happening, all positive.

I have now had two art exhibition this week in Swansea during 2021 and was really happy with the interest shown and the sales made. It is difficult to judge whether your art is liked or whether it is just yourself!  I started painting in earnest 18 months ago and have created around 100 paintings of various sizes. With no formal art training I have been a free spirit and painted what I wanted to do. And I have been very satisfied with my work.

I have mainly painted abstract work, all highly energised and dynamic, using both brushes and palette knives. 

Each painting is built up in layers of strong prime colours, often poured or applied directly to the canvas so that my work is both visual but also highly tactile and I like people to touch the surface and feel the ridges, bumps and other shapes.

This painting is one in a series of 4 which I will be expanding as they are so colouful, attracting the eye in any room setting. My paintings have become larger during the last few months and I am now producing work up to 2 metres wide. These are ideal for offices, boardrooms and showrooms. 

My paintings are not framed as I want them to be an integral part of the room setting and not as if you are looking out of a windoww or into a recess. So I extend painting onto the sides of each canvas. 
I have painted serveral themed works such as my "Elms" series with paintings of elms at different times of the year, and my "Feathers" series which are large canvases  

This photo is from my exhibition in the CReative Bubble in Cradock Street, Swansea which ran for 10 days and attracted a regular stream of passers together with some of my followers.

A different wall of my work at the Creative Bubble.

Another exhibition wa held at the Volcano THeatre in the large Seaside Gallery where I invited Jeffery Phillips, the well known Swansea Illustrator to show his works of Swansea history. He has a stunning collection of large paintings that show different aspects of the area over many years. At this exhibition he showed hos Copper City collection which was about Swansea in the 1800's when Swanseaas the world copper capital


At our opening of the Volcano exhibition we were pleased to have the Mayor of the City and County of Swansea to open the event. There was a very good turnout to see this show of around 80 paintings in total.
Please do take a look at my website where many of my works are shown. Also I have prints at 

Watch out for more about my work as an artist. Stay safe, be happy