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Friday, September 04, 2020

Hi There

Just imagine starting a full-time or part-time business that requires little or no training, no capital expenses so you can start with just having to buy a few basic tools or stock (and with several you'll not even need to buy tools, you'll probably have them already. No vehicle because you will be working locally. No premises because you will work from home. And no stock because you'll be selling services, using your skills.

You will use simple skills that you already have, so no need for long and expensive training. You can start within hours of reading this book and could be collecting money the same day.

Covid19 has been a ban of our lives. Each of us has been touched in some way. Many have been affected in hard ways. Used all their savings to survive, maybe lost their job even. The consequences can be hard and far reaching with rent or a mortgage to pay, food to shop for, gas and electricity too. Plus the many other expenses we have. 

That is why I have written the Start a Small Business Ideas manual. First published as a printed magazine some 40 years ago, the idea has been re-visited and new ideas brought to the table.

Most of these ideas are local businesses where the internet plays only a small part in your success. So you don't need to be a computer expert to succeed. IN fact Some have succeeded without owning a computer.

With over 117 ideas to start a business there must be something for everybody. All these ideas have been tried and tested at some time. Many can be turned into a full-time business that will support you and your family, all can be part-time business that will help you top up the losses in your savings account or repay the debts that you've accumulated during the lockdown period. With many you can start bringing in cash immediately, most are cash on completion so that there is no need to wait for payment.

We all want information in different formats. Some of you will like a printed book, others will read off their tablet or phone, whilst yet others will benefit from a video course where they can see, hear and read. So there are THREE options. The printed book, an e-book, and an online course. I've kept the cost down as low as possible and if you purchase the printed book from Amazon and are a Prime customer, then you'll get fast free delivery. If you purchase the e-book then you'll have the download within minutes, at a very low price. The online course is low-cost and affordable too.

Sounds to easy? Well it is but not many will actually start. Firstly you need to read the information and decide which project to carry out. Then you need to take action get out there and tell people about your new business. Only some 3 people in every 100 that read this book will take action. Most will be dreamers or finding excuses not to start, or putting off until tomorrow, which never comes.

If you seriously want to start making money tomorrow with no training or experience, no money, no vehicle, no premises and no stock then this is for you. ANYBODY can succeed, you just need the detemination and be ready to take the first steps. Whether you just want a few bucks a week to make up a shortfall or a full-time business you'll find the answer here. I do not make any claims of your success because that will depend on your state of mind and willingness to try something new. Sometimes you'll find you started the wrong project, give it time and if it doesnt work then try another. Don't waste time or money. Remember! The average young millionaire has tried up to 17 different ventures before finding the right one. 

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SALES AND MARKETING SUCCESS BLUEPRINT will be available on 1st October. This book a comprehensive list of marketing and sales ideas that will help you launch your new business using no-cost and low-cost ideas that have been proven to work. Watch out for more details. 

This book is based on the live course that has been running for almost 20 years and regularly updated, helping small businesses to success. Most of the ideas have, however, been around for longer and are the basis for a successful local business. 

Marketing is an area that is vital to any business. You can have the best product or service at a really competitive price and feel that everyone can benefit. But why aren't you selling any? You have to tell to sell and this book shows you clearly how to promote your products or services. There is no magic formula, if there was every business would be doing the same thing. But there is a whole range of ideas that can be used and that will help you promote and sell. 

We live in a world of online sales but local business should be involved in the local community. This book shows you how to reach our succesfully.

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