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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Earn Extra Cash

Hi Guys
   It's been a long time since I wrote on this blog but I'm starting again. There is so much happening that I want to share with you. On-line courses I've brought back on a different platform: my new website where you can order adverts for social media or your website: and I'm looking to work on Swan TV with local information and programmes that wil be available on the YouTube channel.
   I've just launched a new course that goes through a large number of ideas that you can turn into a part-time business on whatever level you want. 
   So many are now looking to supplement their income for a number of reasons. Some want that luxury or indeed basics that they can't afford like a luxury holiday. Maybe they want a new car, one that is more economical or ecological. Perhaps they just aren't earning enough, the cost of living doesn't get easier and some are taking jobs with lower wages than previous. It's possible that a new baby means that there will only be one wage in the foreseeable future. And there are other reasons.
   My new course, available by clicking here will guide you towards a selection of workable business ideas that can be run part-time and from home and usually without having to spend any money (apart from a small amout for advertising), no premises - just some space in the home or a shed or garage, no long training - some will require a little guidance from YouTube, and that can be started almost instantly. Many are local businesses whilst some are internet based. 
   Now for a very limited time there is a big discount so that you can pick up this course for peanuts, and it will be available for a year so you can look back over and over again. For the discount enter the code INTRO on the order form and save 75%.
   The course is made up of a series of short videos that are easy to follow and there is a viability plan included. Additional videos will be added regularly and there is a discussion area so that you'll get help when you need it.
    If you have any comments or questions there is room at the bottom of this page.
   Good Luck

 The link for the course is:!earn-extra-cash/1/zg91j/



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