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Friday, November 18, 2016

Secret Closing Techniques that Work

Hi Friends

We are all selling throughout of lives. 

We might be sales-people, and out talking face to face or on the phone. We may be persuading our partner to go out to a movie rather than stay at home. We may be on a job interview for that dream position we have always wanted. Whatever your situation, you are selling.  Selling tangible objects or intangible ideas. 

And there are so many routes to bring people to your way of thinking. To persuade them to do what you want, sometimes without realising that what you said or did actually influenced them to make a decision in your favour.

Sometimes it is the words we use and sometimes how we actually use those words. Learning how to persuade is a skill that will put you in control and gain in all areas of your life. 

Here is an example of how words can bring about a positive result. Just think of a time when you wanted to persuade your life partner that a night out at a movie would be enjoyable and it was something you wanted to do. Money is tight, it's the end of the month but you just want a night out. You might say "Shall we go to see that movie? Lets finish eating and go. We will just make it for the early performance." The answer is likely to be negative.

Now let's reword that. Give some alternatives. Take the decision away from shall we spent the money we don't have to perhaps a minor decision of which performance to catch. We might say "That movie we wanted to see is on in town. You were talking about it at the weekend. We could go tonight. Which performance shall we go to? We could just catch the early show if we went as soon as we have eaten. Or, you could take some time and change and we then go to the last show. Which would you prefer?" Now I'm not saying that this will work 100% of the time but in my experience it works almost every time. Taking the other persons thoughts away from "Shall we go or not?" to "Which show shall we watch?" is an easier decision. You can use this in almost every situation. "Which colour do you prefer? Red or white", "Shall we asked the Whites to come with us or go by ourselves?" "That holiday you longed to go on. Shall we book to go to  . . . . .  or  . . . . . ?" 

Try this out when you are with the family, at work or if you are in a real selling situation like "I know you like this model. When would you like delivery? Tomorrow or would Thursday be better?" 

My course on Secrets of Closing Sales and Influencing People is available now. Just CLICK HERE  And you will be on the road to better success straight away.  

I've been delivering sales courses for over 35 years and seen some incedible advances in technology over that time. But you can bet, sure that eggs is eggs, that there have been no major changes in human behaviour. Yes there may be attitude changes galore but our basic human instincts are the same. We still aren't satisfied, we want more and better. And this is good because it drives us on to a better life. Seventy years ago fridges, freezers and dish-washers were luxury goods.

Now we all have them and in fact it's now becoming common to have more than one. So for example I know people with two dish-washers. 

How did we get to this stage? Because we want more and better. Often because we feel that we need to compete to be accepted. All of the emotions are the same as they were 1000 years ago. So the techniques for influencing people are the same as they were. We may use social media but face to face are the life blood of our society.  

So I'd highly recommend that you enrol in this course today and see the results tomorrow. CLICK HERE and I see you inside.

Good luck


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