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Monday, November 21, 2011

Carrie me and Support Swansea

Hi everyone! I'm Carrie and I'm looking for  businesses who want to promote themselves locally. I'm planning to be around town telling shoppers about what's in store for them. 

I'll have about 10,000 Carrie keyfobs ready to give away in a few days and once you are signed up for free you'll begin to get regular special offers by e-mail. Download and print off the vouchers for interesting deals.

Yes! We tried to lanch this a few years ago  and I've now come out of the Creative Ideas store-room and have been dusted down and re-branded because several traders have asked us to do so. I've changed my outfit and attitude. Last time shoppers paid for me but now I'm free. I'm a giveaway.

You've all seen Groupon and perhaps have taken advantage of the daily deals they have. Well I'm different. I don't take half of the deal price and my deals last longer than a day. I want you to discover new shops and products, new services and entertainent and I want to to try them out and come back time after time.

Swansea has much to offer and I'm looking to help knock down any barriers. I want you to come to town and have a great shopping experience. Worried about parking? The new bridge system is almost finished so there will shortly be little in the way of traffic delays there or along Oystermouth Road now.

PARKING is free for the first hour in the NCP car parks except Sundays. And there is plenty of room.

BUT BETTER. Parking at the High Street multi-storey car park after 10am is just £1 for up to 4 hours. And with the recent police initiative it is safer to walk down the High Street. 

AND ALSO St David's car park is now just £2.40 for up to 4 hours, although yo may not know this as there are no banners up or any other signs apart from an article in the Evening Post.

Watch out for new developments

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