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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Buskers and entertainment galore in Oxford Street, Swansea

Started the day with a healthy sized slice of luxury victoria sponge. Healthy size but not healthy for my body, but perhaps I'm past that anyway.  
I always spoil myself when I go to First Call Coffee  in either the Orchard Street or High Street branches. They have such a great selection, any of which are made by Tony George on-site. As a qualified barasta he's pretty good with coffee too. And a little know fact is that he was the winner of the best cup of tea in the UK Tetley Tea competition about 4 years ago.  There's a great team at both branches and I'd highly recommend a visit.

Then I walked across to Oxford Street to see Disruption presented by the Elysium Gallery in Cradock Street. 

26 Artistes presented a range of entertainment that had the town laughing and enjoying themselves.  Some are shown here and include Frances race and her Cleaning Ladies cleaning up Swansea.Ten people dressed as old fashioned stereo-type cleaning women obsessively cleaning the street, two people dusting, two with sweeping brushes, two with vacuum-cleaners, two spraying the benches, another cleaning the cash point and another picking up rubbish. 

An opportunity to make comments by writing on the pavement with chalk was taken up by many passers-by. How lucky the Elysium Galley was to have such a sunny dry day for their disruption event
Sean Puleston and Erin Rickard presented Big Enough for Both of Us?  This was a conumdrum that neither could answer but they did pose other questions.

Elena Videnova danced as she transformed into a butterfly in a representation of shedding skins, shedding cultures and re-birth It provoked the audience to see the possibilities of transformation.

Elena gave out home crafted butterflies as a momento

Yes! A giant corset. And right next to La Senza presented by 4 Queens inviting the public to participate and interact with their own feelings and ideas that they could write on cotton strips using s felt-tip pen and then hanging on the giant corset

A straightforward busker? I' not sure. Watch this space.

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