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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Carrie your Local Business Card

Carrie is your Local Business Card Another idea to bring business into the City Centre.

The Local Business Card was a front runner of the latest rash of discount systems now available such as Groupon.

The Local Business Card offers local businesses the opportunity to promote themselves through regular special offers. The project was developed some 3 years ago but didn't take off becase of the lack of local support. It is set up with window stickers, discount key-fobs and a dynamic website.

We have shown 3 Swansea Council dept directors and BIDS and are surprised that their enthsiasm didn't last beyond a few hours. This scheme, if used within the city centre would encourage consumers to spend more within the area.

The Local Business Card is a simple concept. Card cost £5 per year and entitle the holder to a range of discounts on a whole group of products and services. Traders pay £5 month and are able to put up a number of offers each year. The offers are promoted thyrough a regular e-mail newsletter with downloadable vouchers or a printed voucher sheet, dated with an expiry. The expiry is best to be short and can be anything from a discount,  money-off , 2-4-1 or anything that the trader wants. It is aimed at getting new customers and persuading existing customers to return more often. 

The card is in the form of a key-fob. Research has concluded that paperwork should be kept to a minimum and lost or stolen cards just replaced at a nominal amount. The card is a tool to increase footfall: who uses the card isn't important so it could be used by family members.  

This scheme is simple to manage. The card could be the "Swansea Business Card". It could be up and running in 3 weeks with a small budget and high impact.

Are you up for this Swansea Council?

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