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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Cry for Help? No a Shout to success

Another idea bringing Swansea alive!

Why not employ a Town Crier? Think about it. There would be a competition to find the best Town Crier, This would be a build up through local radio and the South Wales Evening Post and possible coverage by both BBC Wales and local independant TV and radio.

A town crier, or bellman, is an officer of the court who makes public pronouncements as required by the court. They carry a handbell to attract people's attention, as they shout the words "Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!" before making their announcements. The word "Oyez" means "hear ye," which is a call for silence and attention. Oyez derives from the Anglo-Norman word for listen. The proclamations book in Chester from the early 19th century records this as O Yes, O Yes!
The Town Crier, dressed fully in his traditional robes would be a welcome sight and a regular attraction in the City Centre.

But can the Local Authority afford a Town Crier? The simple answer is a resounding “YES!” because he could be advertising local retailers at a low outlay. In fact the alternatives are through BIDS which could ensure all businesses are given an advertising spot, or do it by a fair, transparent draw: or businesses could be offered the facility on a first come first served but at a reasonably cost, maybe a sliding scale so the smallest businesses would have an opportunity to participate This shouldn’t be a money making scheme that the council can use  as a top up.

Think of the benefits. A colourful character walking around the City; his bell and voice certainly attracting attention: advertising forthcoming events (not just council events) attractions, news items and other news; something different!!

There are dozens of free, low-cost or self financing ideas that will help Swansea become more interesting. Watch out for more.

Is Chris Holley reading this and will he, as leader of the Council, take any action. He can call me on 0796 364681

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