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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Watch out for the first window stickers

Watch out there's a Local Business Card Sticker about. The first went up last evening at a the Zaal Indian restaurant at Sketty Cross. This is a really great eating place and the feedback has been consistent "The best Indian food I've ever tasted". Well! You can't beat that. Cards will be available within a few days so order yours on the website and you'll start eating and saving. Better still . . .
So why not call Zaal's today and book a table now on 01792 203526. You can even sign up for your card at the restaurant.
Zaal are offering a 10% discount plus a free papadom & chutney tray to card holders. A meal for 4 people will give you a great saving . Just four meals throughout the year will probabaly pay for your card. So whenever you use the card again at Zaal's or elsewhere you'll see real savings.
The website is coming along really well. You'll be able to resister as a Merchant on line and put up your offers. You'll be able to apply for a card on-line with a credit card or Paypal. All offers will be there together with a Merchant Directory. Ben Wheeler of Beach Software has produced a great site based on the hard work put in designing by Matt Pugh of Star in a Jar. If you want a real marketing team that can handle on- and off-line marketing from concept to completion contact one of us in the Local Business Team.
Watch out for great offers in the coming few days on accountancy fees, the Market Mailer automated e-marketing system which will give you free transmisssions, web design, banners and other graphics, phography, accommodation and much more. This isn't just another card. This is the real McCoy. This is THE card.

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