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Friday, June 05, 2009

Call back sooner rather than later

I've set myself a task now to produce these shorts. I hope you are enjoying them and that you learn something.

In the 50's life for us kids was easy. You just can't believe what it was like in comparison to today. At around 8 years old 3 or 4 of us would go off for the day. I guess that my mother used to worry about what I was getting up to but she never said anything.

We lived in Birmingham and it was unusual to lock the doors and usual to leave windows open if we went out together. Compare that to today. Today you have to bolt most things down.

But getting back to communications and the changes it is difficult to imagine that once you were out of signt that was it until you came home again. And it was usual to phone in at work to see if there were any messages. And when we did get a message we dealt with it straight away. Do you deal with your messages within a set time? I was with an accountant last evening looking at his marketing. On his card and other literature he promised to call back on any missed calls within 3 hours. Now that is good.

Hope you enjoy this short video. Your comments will be appreciated.

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