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Monday, June 01, 2009

Service does make or break

So much has happened since I wrote my last post on 4th May. We've had the Swansea Business Show over two weeks ago. Unibus met over a week ago and the sun is just bursting with good-will.You just can't have missed the last few days and the glorious weather. Doesn't it make you feel great.

The Show was a success and with the internet maybe it's time to be innovative. How about a virtual business show? Perhaps the name "Swansea Bay Business Show" might just be different enough. Maybe I should think about getting the domain name later this month.

When the sun shines prospects tend to say "Yes" sooner. It is easy to start getting those positive responses when you are asking questions. You can bring home the bacon.

But life can still be tedious. I've had two poor customer experiences within a week. And both have finished up with me not wanting to go back to either supplier. The first happened with business over the bridge, whilst the second centred around Pembrokeshire. The first instance was where the supplier felt I had cheated him out of giving a sales presentation despite making it very clear in the preamble that this wasn't possible. He even went as far as to twist my written words! This guy has lost any creditability I had in him or his product.The second was where I was supplied with a wrong part and when I complained the supplier called me back and told me that life is like that and should put up with what he considered good service. His attitude has turned me away from his company. In addition the correct part was marked with my nmae, but they spelt it wrong. Personally I don't mind but in general getting someone's name wrong is a major sales crime.

The downside is that I will not use either again and I will probably tell other people about my dissatisfaction. This will lose even more business because I believe that the people I tell will listen and make up their own minds.

Then I was talking to a friend who had his company BMW car serviced. He drove into the Service Reception area and was met by a Greeter who welcomed him by name and directed him to the specific bay for collection by the Service Crew. He was offered a coffee both when arriving and when he collected the car. When he picked it up it had been valeted both inside and out. The service charge was high but my friend was left feeling good about the whole experience.

So the upstart is that service is paramount and that the customer is king - or at least he should be treated like one, no matter how we feel. Listening to the customer is vital and going out of your way to make him happy by providing exceptional service is the way to keep a customer coming back and acting as an ambassador for you. The most cost effective customers are existing ones and those who have had a testimonial from a happy customer.

Think back about the best customer experience you've had. It was either because something was put right beyond your expectations or the service was just fabulous.

Remember get the basics right and see an improvement in turnover, profit and cash flow.

The Local Business Forum's new blog starts this week Get involved. There are good things happening that will have a major impact on the members.

If I can do anything to help with your success do call me.

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