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Friday, February 13, 2009

Talk to other Business Owners

"Friday Night and where did it all go wrong" playing on the radio right now.

This week has just disappeared and gone for ever. We all have 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutesa and 604799 seconds in a week. Just a second check out my maths and prove me wrong. That "one second" is as important as the 606799 others.

It is so important to make the most of every minute, whether workinmg on your business or enjoying a social life.

And what a week. Last Saturday saw more snow and I caught my postman on camera. He was one of jone of a handful of vehicles that made it up the hill to my home. It doesn't look too deep but it was really frozen and like an ice-rink.

It was actually very sunny until I went to Pembokeshire where it changed to blizzard conditions and there were several vehicles strewn along the road.

This week we have had our Local Business Networking meeting at the Dylan Thomas Theatre on Wednesday. These meetings work well. We sit in a circle at a table so we can munch on sandwiches and talk. I was able to update on the Swansea Business Show that is to be held in the theatre in May. It's looking very positive.

Last evening saw me at Swansea University where I manage Unibus (the university supporting local business). WE were able to give sme good input to the Student event being arranged by Bright Futures, the student organisation that oprepares students for the commercial world. They are holding a dinner at the local Marriott hotel on 18th March bringing local businesses and students together.

Today I've been involved in looking at sheltered accommodation for a housing association. It has taken several visits this week to different locations looking at disabled access. Can I finish by next Tuesday? I still have two locations to view. Then there is the report to finish. I'll keep you updated.

Much more has happened. I have commitments on Monday am, Tuesday all day, Wednesday all day, Thursday am and Friday all day.

So my advice is to keep a minute by minute check for a week and see how your time is used. Could it be more fruitful?

If I can help you make more time of your business call me.


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