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Monday, February 23, 2009

Grow & Think Rich

Brand yourself. Grow and Think Rich

Walk along any street and watch the people coming towards you. How many are looking down or way? How few, if any, do you make eye contact with?

People tend to look down or away and yet when you do make eye-contact and smile you'll usually get a positive response. Try it for yourself. It must be a genuine smile and you must look a people.

Once you start getting response you'll find that you can make general comments and people will talk back. If you try this in your neighbourhood, whether home or where you work, you'll soon find that you meet the same people and they'll often greet you first. You'll find people begin to think of you as "that nice person who talks to me" or "it's that aweful person who tries to make me speak". That is a kind of branding. You are standing out from the crowd - making your mark.

Make yourself stand out by attending as many networking and group events and be different. Always wear a hat, wear a specific tie that is instantly identified, go up to people and present yourself with your tag-line, be a bit louder than you are at the moment - or anything that will help you stand out.

If you begin branding yourself in this fashion you'll find that other business people will remember you. When I go to meetings I always wear my own name badge so people aren't embarrassed because they haven't remembered your name. You will grow in stature and you'll begin to do more business. You will begin to think rich.

Meanwhile . . . . .

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