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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow in Swansea

Today it snowed!

Today the world came to a standstill!

Today was a fun day for the kids and adults alike - or hell.

A lorry slid across the hill on Brynamor Road in Swansea and barely missed crashuing into a house as you can see from the left photo above.

Dylan Thomas sat, not exactly shivering, but certainly with a crown of snow outside the Dylan Thomas Theatre.

Lola, one of our dogs, sat patiently whilst I took a photo whilst she'd have preferred to play.

And Sketty Cross, where lorries and cars double park on this very busy junction, use and abuse the loading lay-bye, park across the flush disabled kerb or jump the lights, lay deserted apart from the ocassional car.

The kids took out the sledge and, after I'd sanded the runners, had great fun on our hill.

And many shops and offices were empty. The buses weren't running and the roads were like an ice-rink. The snow didn't just fall but whipped across us and blinded us if we looked up.

The sun is now shining so maybe the moment of change has come.

And about that shock and surprise at the Dylan Thomas Theatre on Saturday. Just wait an hour and come back to this blog.

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