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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Theatre is alive and ready to entertain you in Swansea this Week

Filming The Doll here in Swansea back in February went well and the editing is now on couurse again so watch out for the finished film. Two of the cast are performing in plays locally until Saturday so this is a great opportunity to enjoy great entertainment at either the Grand or Dylan Thomas Theatres. Why not take in both.

Michelle Morris is appearing at the Grand Theatre until Saturday in Ian Dickens Productions International Ltd present Jack Popplewell’s comedy thriller Busybody. The story centres on a meddlesome cleaning woman who keeps telling the cops how to mind their business and who steps forward with the right evidence in every pinch.

She lives in the basement of the office building she cleans and one night finds a body. By the time the police arrive, there is no body and no evidence. The wrong alarms are sent out, murdered men turn up alive, and the whole thing is chalked up to the cleaning woman’s imagination until. . .

Meanwhile Rob Stradling appears at the Dylan Thomas Theatre 
Date / Time: 17th - 20th August 19:30

Swansea Little Theatre is proud to present an hilarious new comedy. It will receive its World Premiere at the Dylan Thomas Theatre in August 2011. Written and directed by Dave Jenkins, his last play, “Welcome To The Neighbourhood” was a big hit at Swansea Little Theatre in August 2010.

Gareth Evans is 35, English and unlucky in love. After splitting from his latest girlfriend, he moves to Swansea looking for a brand new start. He has no choice but to move back in with his parents for a while, which brings along several problems of its own! After unwanted help from his family, he soon meets the girl of his dreams, a lovely Welsh girl named Bronwyn. But will her extremely patriotic Welsh Father be so impressed with his daughter’s decision to go out with a football loving Englishman!

This is a heart-warming, feelgood Wales based comedy that looks at what it means to be Welsh and what it can often mean to be English!

Go on. Get out and have an evening at the Theatre. 

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