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Monday, August 08, 2011

Events weekend 6th and 7th August 2011

Outside South Wales it is appalling that there are riots once again on the streets of the UK. Just now it's Tottenham, Edmonton, Brixton and Enfield. Groups of mainly young people driven by social media (Twitter and Facebook) swept through these areas following the terrible riots in Tottenham. Mass hysteria driven by a small group of hardcore anachists seems again to have been so easy to orchestrate. Bristol is probably the nearest that it's been to South Wales. Lets hope that this now dies down and law and order is is brought back again. The damage, looting and theft has left the local community devastated. Amazing to see the police dogs clear a scene  Bring them on again for swift sharp success.

Back in Swansea we saw a Local Produce Market at Sketty which is a real commmunity project that is not just providing a real service but has also become a place to meet and greet old friends. These markets are a place to by real food from real people. Vegetables that may not be perfect in shape or size but ooze flavour that you don't get in supermarkets: home made cakes made from ingredients you'd find in any kitchen cupboard and were prepared fresh iether the night before or even early morning. And much, much more. 

Coming up next Saturday is the Festival of the Tides from 1pm starting outside the Royal Oak at Penclawdd. Looking at video of previous years this is a real family day with loads of mini events for the whole family going on. £2.50 entrance is great vale and all profits go to local charities. To date they have given just over £10,000 which is pretty amazing.

The Gower Show was a wonderful event and probaly one of thev few remaining real county shows with home produce competing, dogs, horses, displays of all outside activities. The crowds poured in despite the threat of heavy showers.  The ground stood up well against the heavy raain that fell in the night and everyone seeed to be enjoying themselves. A real booster when so many people are having concerns about job losses, high power hikes, petrol 50% higher than 18 months ago and much more.

Swansea City and played in Singleton Park. Another regualr even both here ad in Clyne Park where you can juust relax and hear some great music played by local musicians.

We are anxious to hear about your events so call and tell us., tel/text 07976364681. If you don't tell we can't be there.

Thanks to all organisers for making us so welcome.

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