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Friday, February 19, 2016

Actions Speak louder . . .

Hi Guys

Taking Action is the seed for everything. For without action there is no future.
 Take a look at this very short video I made in January, last month. Not raining for a change but was it windy. But I had to do it. If you put off actions because of circumstances you'll never get anything done.

So coughing liked an old man (ok no jokes please!) I set off for the beach. Wrapped up warm I was still cold as the wind shook me. I felt that although the wind was spoiling the true sound, it was important to carry on. And in fact I think the wind adds a new dimension, and you can hear me clearly.
We all need to dream but then we must turn that seed of a dream into reality. Just think about seeds for one moment. I used to grow vegetables in my garden and greenhouse and kept back some seeds each year. Now most seeds are better bought because they are cultivated by the seed suppliers to be genetically good to succeed. Sometimes you take your own seeds from your produce and they turn out to be bad and either don't grow at all or are disfigured. In the end the only seeds I kept were from my runner beans and the originals had been given to me by an elderly neighbor who, in turn, had been given them by her neighbor many years previously. And every year they grew consistently good. Every year they gave a bumper crop of delicious beans. So many in fact that we gave many away to friends and neighbors and still had enough for our daily needs plus sufficient to freeze and give us many more meals. By the way there are two points here. First, be kind and generous to friends and neighbours, secondly without me taking action every year we would not have had delicious beans freshly grown. I used to pick them, top and tail them and then straight into a pan of boiling water. Minutes later drained, butter added and onto the plate. 

I read last week that over half of the population spend more than an hour a day think about their future and dreaming about what they want. And many of these dreams can be turned into reality by just taking the first step. OK! So its going to be a struggle to be an astronaut if you haven't had a reasonable education including (probably science) and a university degree. You can't fly without wings. But . . you could start looking for your dream job. You could take a course in something you are interested in, you could take driving lessons, take a second job and start saving for that new house or holiday or car. 

If you really want it you can do it. Remember! There's no gain without pain. Most times it is uncomfortable starting to work towards your dream. But try to forget that pain and just do it.

And when you start leave a comment here. I really want to know what you are doing.

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