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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My gift to you for September

Hi Guys

Now launched another course aimed at overseas students coming to the UK. Covering areas like medical care, money and banking, English social customs, 200 most used words with voice recording so you can speak alongside, eating aout and shopping. 

You can access this course without paying. Because it is new and I want to get some feed-back so go to the course at and enroll. You must sign in and start the enrol procedure. Next to the final amount is a REDEEM button, click and enter INTROCODE and this will get you in. You can then take the course at no cost, There is a life-time no cost upgrade guarantee so whenever I put in additional material or change what is there you will get notified. 

Take a look and you can take any of the other courses too using the same web address and coupon code. If you are thinking of making extra money on the internet this is a very good route. Like any other good money maker it takes a lot of work to get set up but once established there is a good continual income and your efforts will diminish with time. So put the effort in now and get small income then as your income grows your efforts with slow down. 

Now I've given this a lot of thought and I feel that many people dream of having an online business but few achieve it. I believe there are only three reasons and they are:
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Lack of enthusiastic action
  • No self-believe

So lets look at these. Fear of the unknown  is very common and we because we are generally will not stand up to our fears they continue to hold us back. Then, when its too late we take a look or give it a try. We then realise it was easy and nothing to worry about. And we want to kick ourselves for being sacred of something unknown. NOW. Why are you afraid of something that is private and that nobody else will see until you tell them? Why are we afraid of a new idea or new process that we will have to learn? We are afraid because we do not want to look stupid. We are afraid because we do not have a believe in ourselves. 

You have to overcome this fear by just letting go and having a go. GO and have a look at or Both are good platforms that you can launch a course on. Both have free help courses to guide you through and both will encourage you to succeed. They make money from every course you sell so of course they will support you. 

The second reason most people don't go ahead and write a course is that they dream about it but do not take POSITIVE ENTHUSIASTIC ACTION. And when they look at what other people are doing they say "Well I could do better than that". But the truth is they will never know and never be able to prove it. But doing better isn't the point really. The point is just doing it because once you launch a course or anything else you can improve it. Just take action.

The third reason is really a combination of the first two reasons. Having no self believe. The longer you fear the unkown and the longer you do not take action then the deeper your self believe will plunge. Confident people just take the plunge and do it.

If you don't have self believe and confidence fake it till you make it. Eventually you will realise you are very capable and then go from strength to strength.

If you are worried about spelling ang grammar then just ask someone to look your work over. Tell them you'd appreciate their help because you want everything to be right and you think they have better skills than you. WE all have better skills than the other person in some areas so its just a trade off.

Finally if you have any queries leave a comment.

So enroll in the courses and and give a bit of thought to how you could do the same. And maybe you have the get up and go to take some positive enthusiastic action and create a course.

Good luck

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