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Friday, July 10, 2009

Bang that Drum!

Drumming up business is an old expression meaning go out and find some new customers.

Did you know it originated in the Wild West. When a travelling salesman arrived in a one-horse town he'd park up his chuck wagon and walk up and down the main and only road banging a drum to draw attention to himself. He'd shout out his message and draw a crowd to his wagon where he'd then sell off the back.

We should be doing the same. Not shouting and actually banging a drum, although this might work, but showing our face to potential customers or prospects. Getting that message about and if we can use modern technology, great. Add in a little light humour and away we go. The following videos were taken in seconds, straight off, one take. Not perfect but perfectly good to put your message across.

Why don't you sign up to become a Merchant, make a mini movie and send it to me. I'll put it up on the site. Don't feel confident? Don't like appearing on film? Think you make a lousy picture ? So do we all: we all think that about ourselves. What makes you different. I challenge you to make something short about your offer on the site. Make it funny. Be original but most of all just do it.

Marketing doesn't have to be expensive. You must do everything necessary to get in front of new people who might buy from you. Some ideas are targetted whilst others are scatter-gun. Use a mix.

Most of all do basics like foot canvassing or telephone selling. Remember you are building up knowledge and relationships, not usually selling, unless you have a bag of cleaning products, and you need to keep your eyes and ears open and shut your mouth. Just open your mouth to ask questions and breath. Most of all take action. You won't get business sitting on a chair in the office thinking and planning mid-morning. If you need to use time planning and thinking get there an hour earlier than usual.

And another simple way to drum up new business is to sign up to the Local Business Card. Don't even think about it - just click here and transform your sales results - it takes one step to start a successful journey.

If can do anything to help you be successful call me.


Mike Leahy

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