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Monday, August 08, 2016

Welcome to Site

Hi Folks

Welcome to this blog. I'm starting a new community project called Future-Past. This is a series of short films about people and places from your prospective. Rather than through the eyes of a film-maker it will be as the subject sees life. 

These short films will be about 5-15 minutes long and will be about an event, a person , a group or anything that is of general interest and that will be of interest in the future. A look at life as it is today, you might say. 

We all use our smartphones to video our personal life but how much is actually seen after the first viewing. Most is just lost in the bytes of time, rarely to ever see the light of day again. A bit like the photos we used to take and that we religiously took to the chemist to have processed, looked at a couple of times and stored away. All of these memories gone. Now sometimes you've shot something that is socially interesting and that is lost too.

I can look at a photo and it conjures up memories. This photo takes me right back to 1952 when I lived in Birmingham and spent 4 months living with my grandparents at Mary Tavy in Devon. I used to go for long walks with my grandfather. You can see I had to dress up even for an afternoon walk, short trousers, mackintosh, school cap. And emulating my grandfather with a walking stick!! But it brings back a wealth of other memories just associated with the photo. And I'm sure you've had similar experiences of a photo nudging your thoughts. Now just think how a video would impact. You'd remember much more.

So I'm quite exciterd about this and not only welcome you but encourage you to be part. Call me or write if you feel you or someone you now have something that will contribute to the success of this project. 

This is some of the equipment I'm looking to use. See below.

A budget professional video camera is the heart of good results. Camera specifications have risen dramatically over recent years so that making budget, documentaries and solo films have become much easier, manageable and cost effective. Obviously it's not just a question of pointing and shooting, learning the craft is essential.

Radio microphones just make it easier in many circumstances. Once a mic is fitted the user has real freedom of movement and usually forgets they are being filmed. It's one of the best tools to ensuring clear, controlled sound. It's also possible to move into a crowd and have the voice picked up without interference. Radio mics vary tremendiyusly in price but it is important to have a set that is of a good quality.   

Hand-held cameras always wobble, shake or plain move. 

A good tripod will ensure steady film. I know that sometimes hand help cameras are necessary either because of the circumstances or to produce a special effect.



You may be interested to know that I need new equipment to carry out this project together with my other community filming and that I am currently looking for funds through crowdfunding. If you have enjoyed this and the other films coming along and you feel like making a donation of any size please go to

  • Make a donation of any amount and you'll be mentioned in the credits on at least one film.
  • Give £50 and be invited to the premier showing. Venue, date and time to be announced but it will be in the Swansea area.
  • Give at least £100 and receive a personalised DVD of a selection of completed films and invitation to the premier
  • Give £1000 and we'll make a short film for you subject to feasibility.

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