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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

They say "Every Little Helps" and it has in the past. Helped Tesco that is, not the customer. But now it looks like every little is too late.
You may be aware (although my research found that well over half of the people I talked to didn't know) that the small stores were selling only premium products at premium prices. You may have seen some of my videos comparing Tesco with Lidl recently and Spar in the past and showing that their prices were higher putting more profits in their pockets.
Well now they are beginning to stock cheaper products including some of their own branded stock so that they are more competitive price-wise. And there are many price reductions but usually 3for2 promotions which encourage customers to spend more and often buy extra products they may not need or use. They are still not competing directly with Lidl and Aldi who offer single products at low prices. I think this encourages customers to spend more than they want or need and leads to food wastage.
On the matter of food wastage I was amazed to hear of the total amount of food wasted in the retain industry because it is out of date. And even more surprised that only 2% of this wasted food is re-used through charities and others feeding the poor and homeless. Haven't we taken food freshness too far? It is time for a rethink on this issue? I can remember as a kid that the best level of food hygiene and freshness was called "Common Sense".

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