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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Love Swansea Campaign

Bay of Life Campaign! I Love Swansea Campaign!

How many more campaigns are running right now to promote Swansea? Wouldn't it be better to get together and have a bigger impact? Divided we fall: united we stand!

It is now a week since I contacted the Evening Post to tell them that Cllr Chris Holley, Leader of the Council, will be accompanying me on a walk through Swansea talking to both shoppers and traders to get some gut reaction about what is good and bad in the city and ideas of what can be done to promote it as both a destination and shopping city. I should have thought it was pretty damned easy to connect this with the "I Love Swansea" campaign but it sees not.

I note in the Evening Post yesterday that the there has been no increase in usage at the High Street car park. I'm not surprised. I have asked several people in the city centre about the reduced parking fees and without exception nobody knew about it! There seems to be a poor mechanism for spreading information. I know there have been articles in the paper but I think most have been linked with safety or other negative issues.

At a meeting with Phil Roberts and two of his colleagues at the Civic Centre I suggested that perhaps free transport from the railway station to the bus station would be beneficial to rail travellers arriving in town but this was immediately rejected. This quick-fix would also encourage people parking in the High Street car park, particularly on wet or cold days and for those carrying bulky or heavy purchases.

Why aren't there Street Ambassadors giving out information? A couple of students giving out leaflets. Or perhaps the Street Wardens could give a helping hand whilst they patrol the streets. Couldn't BIDS help here too? They have put up some material in empty shop windows. Wouldn't a special parking offer be a great message in shop windows? How about distributing leaflets to the retailers. After all they are the biggest beneficiaries.

On the point of parking I still hear complaints from drivers that they are charged in the NCP car parks for their first hour on Sundays. Ballers clearly say "First Hour Free" it must be very small print about the £3 Sunday charge!!! The fact that parking is free in the council car parks on Sundays does not compensate.

Mike Leahy

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