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Monday, August 02, 2010

Talk to me and increase your profits dramatically!

Work with me for just 15 weeks and we’ll dramatically increase your turnover and profits.

Starting or running a growing business but not sure what to do next?

Running a business that just isn’t growing?
Still making mistakes that you should be aware of?

Join me in the Local Business Forum
I’m Mike Leahy, your growing business coach and, just like you, an entrepreneur. Starting a new business or growing an existing one is hard work if you do not have the experience and expertise. 

Starting out just like you with a small instant print shop back in sixties and built it up using practical no-cost and low-cost marketing ideas coupled with my selling experience. Since then I have worked with numerous business owners, sharing with them those same trusted ideas and skills so that they too enjoyed success with their businesses.

I am still running business ventures including a new on-line radio show for growing businesses so that my finger is still on the marketing pulse. This year my aim is to help 120 business owners like you learn and use the steps to get your business working so that you achieve the lifestyle you want. 

You will have found that the internet is overflowing with information, often at inflated prices, that promises you success overnight. This does occasionally happen but usually through a fluke. Most enterprises grow through hard work – look at overnight entertainment successes - when asked they usually tell you it took over 10 years of un-ending hard work.

So if you want to become a millionaire by tomorrow this isn’t for you!

On the other hand if you want to grow your business on firm foundations that will become a valuable asset then join me and other dynamic business owners at the Local Business Forum and learn through the Local Business Academy.

Good Selling makes great business.

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