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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bring in the "A" Team

It seems that the biggest hurdle to achieving anything in Swansea are the different departments that appear to overlap and who need to sanction the smallest change. A question of too many chiefs? Or maybe too many cooks!

Whatever the reason the simple answer for Swansea to progress is to have a small team who have autonomy and can get quick answers and decisions. A team of visionaries who are action driven to turn the city around. To come up with a plan and put it into place immediately. From little acorns big oak trees grow. 

It will take  more than a few nods and grunts to get this off the ground. There would be loads of opposition and many obstacles but a progressive council could cut the red tape and get this going so that there are results before Xmas.

Every day someone tells me they don't shop in Swansea anymore. Too any "Big Issue" sellers. The city is scruffy. Not enough choice. Parking is still difficult. No "Wow" factor. 

The time for Action is now.

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