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Monday, December 01, 2014

Be Positive

 You may think that you could never be a in a top job but you can if you want.

Often you hear the expression "You can do anything you really want" But that just isn't true. Right now its not possible to jump off a building a fly without some sort of aid. You will find it impossible to be a Call Centre Telephonist if you are totally deaf. But you can do anything that is physically within your capabilities but that might stretch your mind. So you can start at ground level and become a leader. Ok. It's going to be tough and even more difficult if you are a woman (that's a fact) but if you totally focus you can achieve.

But every achievement starts with a single step, single action that will start the ball rolling. And that is where 99% of people fail. They dream, the dream so more, then dream about what they have dreamt about. But they don't take any action to turn that dream into a reality.

But YOU CAN. You can be that one in a hundred. Just take that first step.

May be you have been out of work for some time . . . . and feel you'll never get a job. You are on a loser twice over. You are now feeling negative about your chance of ever getting a job and this will spill over on everything you do. And you will look like a loser so when opportunities do come along you wont be considered.

How can you over come this?

By changing your mind-set to being positive and by taking dynamic action. Sounds simple! And after making the decision to change it will become easy. But that first step certainly isn't. So make that decision then fake it til you make it. Act in a positive way. Talk and act in a positive manner. No matter how you feel. Banish those negative thoughts and replace  them with positive ones.

The First Steps to Success.

So try this:

  • Make some prompt cards. These are small cards or pieces of cardboard about 7cm x 12cm.
  • Write a positive thought on one piece such as "I am only going to think positive thoughts today" or "I will spend every moment taking action"
  • Carry this card with you for a week and look at it at least every hour of each day whilst you are awake.
  • Do what it says on the card throughout the day.
We all waste time. We all have negative thoughts rushing through our heads. To change you must really want to. And if you have something to help you it will be easier. I used to write on the mirror in my bathroom "You are looking at a winner" or "You will get that order today" when I was a salesman. The card that you carry is a vital tool. Look at it when you wake up and just before you turn off the light to go to sleep. Look at it throughout the day. Set the alarm on your smartphone to every hour and this will remind you and keep you focussed. It will be difficult and you will find that (a) your mind will keep dwelling on negative things and the bad things that might happen in your life (b) you will want to give up and think this is a waste of time. BUT DON'T GIVE UP. Because when you look back after just a week you will begin to see a change in yourself. It can be this quick.

Once you start having positive thoughts I promise you good things will start happening to you. Just like when you've been having negative bad thoughts nothing seems to have gone right.

That is the next step. Just concentrate on becoming positive this week.

If you are looking to get , change or upgrade a job this is certainly going to help. The other thing that will certainly give you the edge is by buying a copy of my e-book pdf self-help programme Just the Job. Go to right now and order your copy. And get that job.

You can do it. You can be that one in a hundred. There is a job out there waiting for you.

Good Luck

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